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Las Vegas Locals Poker Rooms

There are about 20 Las Vegas locals’ poker rooms. We have covered the 7 most popular. Many of the smaller poker rooms offer just a few tables, or are only open a few hours a day. These 7 are factors in the Las Vegas poker scene. Locals’ casinos can be a nice change of pace for tourists, and are convenient for those that live in Las Vegas. Many Las Vegas residents do not like going to the Las Vegas Strip. These poker rooms give them an alternative.

Boulder Station – Located on Boulder Highway southeast of Downtown Las Vegas, Boulder Station is well known throughout the Las Vegas Valley for its 4/8 Omaha Hi game. This game is a very deep game. It is common to see stacks well into the four figures on the table. Players chase any draw, and the pots are massive. No Limit Texas Hold’em at the 1/2 limit and 2/4 fixed limit are often available as well. Boulder Station is also one of two poker rooms in Las Vegas that allows smoking at the poker tables. Even though smoking is only allowed in about one third of the poker room, the entire poker room is smoky. Boulder Station does not offer any tournaments.

Green Valley Ranch – Green Valley Ranch is located in Henderson at I-215 and Green Valley Parkway. This 22 table poker room specializes in low limit Texas Hold’em. The main games are 2/4 and 4/8 fixed limit, with 1/2 no limit being popular too. Each morning at 10am there is a No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament.

Orleans – The Orleans Poker Room is located on West Tropicana just across I-15 from the Las Vegas Strip. The Orleans is best known as the home for Omaha High/Low in Las Vegas. The Orleans is the largest locals’ poker room in Las Vegas, and one of the largest in the entire valley. The 35 tables at The Orleans are home to some of the best Omaha High/Low games in Las Vegas. The limits are usually 4/8 and 8/16. Fixed limit Texas Hold’em is also popular at The Orleans. The fixed limit hold’em games are usually 2/4 or 4/8. While there is often a 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em game, unlike most Las Vegas poker rooms, it is not the most popular game. At noon and 7pm daily there is a tournament. Tournament games include No Limit Texas Hold’em, Omaha High/Low, and HORSE.

Palms – The Palms is a locals’ casino that is undergoing some changes. While the Palms Poker Room is currently only six tables, there are plans to move and expand it. In the past, the poker room at The Palms was as large as 12 tables. The main games at The Palms are 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em and 2/4 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em. Once a week there is a 1/2 half Pot Limit Omaha half No Limit Hold’em game. The Palms does not offer daily tournaments, but The Palms is home to the Heartland Poker Tour in Las Vegas.

Red Rock – Red Rock is located in Summerlin, which is on the far west side of the Las Vegas Valley. Red Rock is one of the most popular poker rooms in Las Vegas away from The Strip. The main games are 1/2 and 2/5 No Limit Texas Hold’em, 2/4 and 4/8 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em, and 4/8 Omaha High/Low. The 20 table Red Rock Poker Room also offers two tournaments each day. The morning tournament starts at 10am, while the evening tournament starts at 6:30pm.

Rio – While Rio has hundreds of poker tables during the World Series of Poker, the rest of the year the Rio Poker Room has just 10 tables. The poker room offers nothing unusual outside of the World Series of Poker summer tournament season. The main games are 1/2 and 2/5 No Limit Texas Hold’em. There are five tournaments each day. The times are 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm.

Suncoast – The Suncoast’s claim to fame is that it is the only place in Las Vegas to play Seven Card Stud High/Low. On Mondays and Fridays, The Hoggie game is played. The Hoggie is 2-10 spread limit with an eight qualifier for low, and the high must have two pair to qualify. If no player makes two pair or better, the low wins the entire pot. If no player qualifies, the pot is split among all players with cards at showdown. There are also three common Texas Hold’em games. There is a 1/2 no limit, as well as 2/4 and 4/8 fixed limit. At 10am and 7pm daily there is a No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament.