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orleans hotel las vegasThe Orleans is an off strip property owned by Boyd Gaming. The Orleans is on West Tropicana, across I-15 from New York, New York. The Orleans is best known for being the home for Omaha High/Low in Las Vegas. Over the years, the Venetian has taken a lot of the higher end Omaha action. The 35 table poker room at Orleans still brings in a lot of action though.

The poker room is a favorite for tournament action, as well as some lower limit Texas Hold’em. The most common games that can be found at Orleans are 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em with a $100-$500 buyin, as well as 2/4 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em and 4/8 Omaha High/Low. On busier nights, there is also a 4/8 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em game.

The Orleans Poker Room is convenient to those that arrive by car. The poker room is just inside the door to the right when entering from the parking deck. If arriving by taxi, a long walk across the casino is required as the poker room is along the far northwest wall, and the taxi drop off is on the far east. Players staying in the hotel at The Orleans can save some time walking through the courtyard that connects the hotel’s elevators and the convention center.

The poker room is nothing special. There are many TVs in the room, but they are smaller and hard to see from many seats. All tables have automatic shufflers. The restrooms are reasonably close to the poker room, but the sports book is about halfway across the casino. A nearby food court with reasonably priced food is close to the poker room. Cocktail service is adequate in the Orleans Poker Room, though nothing to write home about.

The Orleans Poker Room has the lowest rake in Las Vegas. The rake is 10% up to $3 plus a $1 jackpot drop at $10. Some competitors rake up to $5. The jackpot drop goes towards the bad beat jackpots.

The bad beat jackpot resets at $50,000 for Texas Hold’em after it is hit. If the jackpot is under $75,000, a player must lose four of a kind for the jackpot to hit. If the jackpot is between $75,000 and $100,000, a player must lose aces full of tens or better to release the jackpot. Once the jackpot is over $100,000, any aces full will release the jackpot. Aces full hands must contain at least one ace and use both cards. In Omaha, a player must lose four of a kind jacks or better to release the jackpot.

About Average in Terms of Noise and Smoke

Even though The Orleans Poker Room is enclosed by three walls, a long wall is wide open. Although signs ask patrons not to smoke along the rail, they do it anyway and nobody stops them. Most tables in the poker room have some sort of level of smoke blowing around in it. There is also a bar just outside of the poker room that can be noisy on busy nights.

Orleans Poker Room

Comps for Poker Players

Players earn $1.25 an hour in comps up to $5 in a day. After that, the comp rate drops to $.50 an hour. Comps can be used for hotel, food, or gift shops. The Orleans offers players the casino rate for the hotel if they average four or more hours per day. The casino rate is 20-25% off of the advertised price.

Non Hold’em Games Offered

The Orleans Poker Room is known as the home to Omaha High/Low in Las Vegas. There are always several games of 4/8 Omaha High/Low running. There is also an occasional 8/16 game. From time to time there is also a 4/8 Omaha Hi running. There are also two HORSE tournaments each week.

Orleans Poker Tournaments

Orleans offers a wide variety of tournaments. There is a $58+$17 tournament offered each day at noon. On Mondays, the game is Omaha High/Low. On Fridays, the game is HORSE. All other days the game is No Limit Texas Hold’em. At 7pm, there is a $58+$17 tournament offered Monday-Thursday. Monday through Wednesday, the game is No Limit Texas Hold’em. On Thursdays, the game is Omaha High/Low. On Friday nights, there is a $97+$23 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament. On Saturday nights, the event is $77+$23 No Limit Texas Hold’em. On Sunday nights, it is a $77+$23 HORSE tournament.

In addition to the nightly tournaments, The Orleans Poker Room runs the Orleans Open during the last week in May. The event spans two weekends and the full week in between. Many players use it as a warm up to the World Series of Poker. The typical schedule includes Omaha High/Low, HORSE, and No Limit Hold’em.


Players can call in to get on waitlists. While The Orleans uses the Genesis Bravo System, they do not share this information with the Bravo Poker app. The Orleans Poker Room has a Twitter account @OrleansPoker, but they do not use it, so don’t expect any poker updates via social media.