Online Texas Holdem Games

With so many different options of games available to play at, it is sometimes difficult to find what you want to play. Every poker website offers players with numerous Texas Hold’em play varieties that play differently from any other sort and finding one you like, or even one to play at any given moment, can be difficult. There are merits to each and every type in addition to downsides. Finding the best poker game at the right moment can take some thought but there are certain things that should be understood about each type.

Online Texas Holdem Cash Games

The first and arguably most popular game type for Texas Holdem is the cash game. This is where a number of players ranging from 2 to 9 sit around a table and play. At a cash game table, the blinds do not go up and players are playing for the cash that is in front of them. If you rake a five-dollar pot, you just won five dollars and if you were to leave right then you would have five dollars more in your account (minus whatever cash in the pot was yours). The pace of cash games can vary wildly as can the action and you can get up and find a new table at any time without any penalty whatsoever. This is the easiest, most popular, and most lucrative (usually) option for Texas Holdem.

While the texas holdem poker cash games are technically a single method of playing Texas Holdem poker, there are a variety of ways that the hold’em poker cash games can be played. These different variations of Texas Holdem Poker pertain to how a player may bet. Betting in Texas holdem poker can be predetermined, without limits, or somewhere in between. The types of online Texas Holdem betting structures are as follows:

Fixed Limit Texas Holdem Cash Games

Limit is probably the easiest of the three different types of online Texas Holdem games to play. In fixed limit holdem, players have a certain amount of chips that they can wager at any given point and a certain number of reraises before the pot can no longer be raised. In structured limit holdem, you do not have to factor in extensive betting strategy like you do in pot limit and no limit so there is one less factor for you to pay attention to. In addition, because the amount that the pot can be raised is limited or predetermined, the number of hands that are playable opens up considerably and more players are bound to see the flop and people fold less often.

Pot Limit Texas Holdem Cash Games

Pot limit Texas Holdem poker is halfway between limit and no limit. In pot limit, the amount that players can raise the pot is capped at the size of the pot. This adds some elements of betting strategy to the mix as opposed to limit holdem but the ultra aggressive betting that can be found in no limit is lacking. It is a good intermediate step because it helps to limit the amount of leverage that the bigger stacks at the table have over the small stacks. Forcing smaller stacks to risk all of their chips on any given decision is much less common in pot limit and that is a good thing for newer and players learning the game.

No Limit Texas Holdem Cash Games

No limit is the big daddy of all of the online Texas Holdem varieties. There are no limits (hence the name) on what you can do in terms of betting. You can be the biggest stack at the table and push all in pre flop without even looking at your cards if you want to. The ability to bet any amount that you want adds a whole additional layer of strategy to the already complex game. Additionally, the importance of the size of your stack is extremely important because having a short stack can put you at an immense disadvantage against other players at the table. Being able to juggle the complexities of betting structure and strategy in no limit in addition to the rest of the rules and nuance to the game makes it the most difficult of the three to play and the coupe de grace of the three. Overall, understanding and learning the three different styles of online Texas Holdem poker – limit, pot limit, and no limit is essential to any person looking to play poker at a competitive level. Additionally, learning them in the increasing order of difficulty will help you naturally and smoothly transition from one to the other without complications.

Online Texas Holdem Poker Tournament Games

Another type of poker game online is the traditional tournament. These tournaments have a buy-in which is where you pay X amount of dollars to get into the tournament. These tournaments usually have quite a few people, sometimes into the many thousands, and can take quite a long time. It is not uncommon for tournaments to take ten or more hours to complete so when you are sitting down to play a tournament; you are making a serious commitment. In a tournament, the blinds go up as play continues and the amount of chips you have in front of you does not reflect the amount of money you can take out. In fact, you only win money if you finish in a certain place and the amount of money you get is dependent on the place in which you finish.

Sit and Go Texas Holdem On Line Games

A variation on the traditional tournament is something called a sit-and-go tournament, which is found almost exclusively online. A sit-and-go tournament is a tournament with very few people (usually 10) where as soon as that number of players sit down, the tournament starts, hence the name. These tournaments are much faster than the much larger tournaments and are popular because of this fact. All the same rules apply to these tournaments as regular tournaments, they are just much smaller and complete much more quickly.

Choosing a type of game that you want to play, whether it is a large tournament, a sit-and-go, a cash game, or one of the many other options that are available, all depends on your mood and how you like to play. There is no wrong answer to what game it play and playing a variety is great to develop yourself as a poker player.