Red Rock Resort

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red rock resortRed Rock Resort is the largest local’s casino in Las Vegas. Red Rock is located in the far west side of the Las Vegas Valley, in a suburb called Summerlin. The Red Rock Poker Room offers 20 tables to their players. The main games at the Red Rock Poker Room are 1/2 ($100-$200) No Limit Texas Hold’em, 2/5 ($200-$1000) No Limit Texas Hold’em, 2/4 limit, 4/8 limit and 4/8 Omaha High/Low.

Red Rock’s poker room has two full walls. One half wall faces a smoking friendly sports book. Another wall faces the area where players go to smoke. This causes for some smoke around the outer tables. The neighboring sports book is often quite loud.

The Red Rock Resort poker room offers many amenities to players. These amenities include comfortable chairs, although some chairs show their age. All tables include automatic shufflers. Players receive quick drink service, and virtually all alcoholic drinks are available to players. The poker area has restrooms built onto the side. The sports book is adjacent to the poker room, as is a café that players can order food tableside. Players may also receive a massage at the table. A coffee and water bar is also offered to players.

Players earn 1000 points an hour for playing, which equals $1 an hour. Comps can be used for food or hotel. Players do not receive any Boarding Pass tier points playing poker. Red Rock does not offer poker players any type of hotel discount.

Non Hold’em Games Offered

A 4/8 Omaha High/Low game can be found about 10 hours a day. At times, two tables of Omaha High/Low will run. The second table then becomes a must move game. If there is enough interest, the Red Rock Poker Room will spread a mixed game.

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Red Rock Poker Tournaments

All tournaments at Red Rock are No Limit Texas Hold’em. Every morning at 10am, the Red Rock Poker Room offers a $1500 guaranteed tournament. The buyin is $85+$20. Players start with 6000 chips. Levels go up every 30 minutes. Players that sign up before 9:55am will receive an extra 1000 chips. Every night at 6:30pm, the poker room at Red Rock offers a $50+$15 tournament. Players start with 5000 chips, and levels go up every 20 minutes. Players that sign up before 6pm receive an extra 1000 chips. This tournament has an additional $10 bounty on Monday and Wednesday.


Red Rock Resort uses the Genesis Bravo System. Players may sign in at the kiosk outside the poker room, or speak to the manager. Players may not call in for games.

Rake and Jackpot Drop

Red Rock rakes 10% up to $4 for all games. There is also a $1 jackpot drop. If a player loses aces full of tens or better, a small house jackpot is beat. If a player loses four of a kind 8’s or better, the Station Casinos jackpot is hit. This jackpot resets at $50,000. This jackpot can often be well over $100,000. When the Station Casinos bad beat jackpot is hit, all players playing a similar game at any Station Casinos property will receive table share. The Omaha bad beat jackpot hits when a player loses four of a kind jacks or better.


The Red Rock Poker Room is convenient for players that self park or arrive by casino valet. Self parking players should park in the west parking deck. Upon entering the casino, make your first left. Go through the sports book, and the poker room is on the far wall. Players that arrive by valet will enter in the lower level and do the same thing. Players that arrive by taxi, or are staying in the hotel, will need to walk to the other side of the casino along the far right wall. The poker room will be on the right.