Palms Poker Room Review

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palms hotel las vegasThe Palms Poker Room has shrunk over the years. In the past, there were two Palms Poker Rooms. One room was for higher limit games, the other for lower limit games. Smoking was allowed on the lower limit side during graveyard shift. In 2009, Palms closed their high limit poker room and downsized their poker room to just six tables. When they did this, they also banned smoking inn the room.

The Palms Poker Room offers two main games. One is a 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em game with a buyin range of $100-$500. There is also a 2/4 fixed limit game. On Wednesdays, there is a half 1/2 Pot Limit Omaha half 1/2 No Limit Hold’em.

For a small poker room, the Palms is quite luxurious. The tables are in good repair and the seats are comfortable. Drink service is excellent, and many top shelf options are available. Automatic shufflers are used on all tables. Players can receive tableside service for food. Players may also receive a massage at the table. While the sports book is a bit of a hike, the restrooms are located just behind the poker room.

Noise and Smoke in the Poker Room

The Palms can be a noisy casino, especially on weekends. With the hallway to the restrooms running alongside the poker room, it can get noisy and smoky. The smoke level is much improved over the days when Palms allowed smoking in their poker room.


Palms gives their players $1 an hour in comps. Comps can be used for food, spa, massages, gift shop, theater or room service. For every 8 hours of play, one buffet comp is issued to a player upon request. The Palms Poker Room shares the casino rate with the hotel. The casino rate is about 20-25% off the published rate. Four hours of play is required to qualify for this rate.

Non Hold’em Games Offered

The Palms Poker Room spreads one regular non hold’em game. That is the Pokerati half 1/2 Pot Limit Omaha, half 1/2 No Limit Hold’em game. If there is enough interest, the Poker Room will spread other games, but they are not regular occurrences.

Palms Poker Tournaments

The Palms Poker Room does not offer daily tournaments. The Palms does offer special tournaments that are held in convention rooms. These poker tournaments include the now failed Epic Poker Tour, and the Heartland Poker Tour. When there is a tournament series at The Palms, other side tournaments may be spread upon request. This includes HORSE tournaments, all in or fold tournaments, and sit and gos.

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Rake and Jackpot Drop

Palms rakes cash games 10% up to $4. They also rake up to $2 for the jackpots. The first $1 is taken at $10; the second $1 is taken at $40. The jackpot goes towards their promotions. This includes the $5500 Player Appreciation Giveaway. The Palms Poker Room gives away $5000 to the players with the most hours. Players that play at least 13 hours can qualify for $8 an hour in cash. The higher volume players get paid first, up to 37.5 hours. Players with the most hours are paid until the $5000 is exhausted. There will then be 5 $100 giveaways to players that played at least 13 hours but did not win a prize.

In addition to the Player Appreciation bonus, The Palms Poker Room offers a high hand bonus. Players that make four of a kind win $50, a straight flush wins $150, and a royal flush wins $599. Players must use both hole cards. Between the hours of 1pm-5pm, 7pm-11pm, and 1am-5am, players will win $50 with an ace high flush using both hole cards, including the ace. Only one suit per shift is given away. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday between 11am and 7pm, if a player loses pocket aces, they will win twice amount of chips in the the pot, up to $100. Players that play at least three hours on Saturdays can redeem their hourly comps for chips that can be used at the poker table, up to $60.


The Palms Poker Room is conveniently located for both players self parking, and arriving at the front door. If a player enters through the front door, they should make a right. Follow the walkway along the outside of the casino floor on the right, and the poker room will be on the right. If self parking, enter the casino by the movie theater. Follow the left walkway along the edge of the casino floor. The poker room will be on the left.