Suncoast Poker Room Review

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suncoast casino las vegasSuncoast is a local’s casino located in Summerlin, a suburb on the far west side of Las Vegas. Suncoast is one of only two poker rooms in that part of the Las Vegas Valley, with Red Rock being the other. Suncoast’s location is very close to the Sun City Summerlin retirement enclave. This makes the average age in this 10 table poker room even higher than it usually would be.

The main game at Suncoast is 2/4 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em. Other games include 4/8 fixed limit and 1/2 no limit with a $50-$200 buyin. Suncoast has found a niche. They are the only poker room in town where players can play Seven Card Stud High/Low on a regular basis.

On Mondays and Fridays, there is a 2-10 spread limit Seven Card Stud double qualifier game. If a player scoops a $100 pot, the hand becomes what is called a hoggie. The winner must place a $10 blind, and players wishing to enter the hand must call $10. It takes an 8 or better to win low, and two pair or better to win high. On Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday there is a 4/8 Seven Card Stud High/Low 8 or better with no high qualifier. Both games have a $1 ante and $2 bring in.

The Suncoast Poker Room offers a few amenities. All tables have automatic shufflers but the tables and chairs are worn. Drink service is excellent. The poker room will serve top shelf liquor, and allow multiple drink orders per delivery. There are TVs around the walls in sight of most players. Players may order from Friday’s and have it delivered directly to the poker table. Bathrooms are quite a haul, but the sports book is right next door.

Smoke and Noise Level in the Playing Area

The smoke level is high at the front two tables as they border the casino floor and the smoking area for the poker room. Most of the other tables are free of smoke. The noise level is very low, as Suncoast is typically a quiet casino.

Poker Comps at Suncoast

Players receive $1.25 an hour in comps when clocked in with their BConnected card. Comps may be used at restaurants, hotel, and gift shop. Suncoast does not give poker players a special rate at the hotel.

Non Hold’em Games Offered

Seven Card Stud High/Low is dealt five days a week. There is also an occasional 2-6 spread limit Omaha High/Low game, though that runs less frequently.

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Suncoast Poker Tournaments

The poker room at Suncoast offers two No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments a day. At 10am each morning, there is a $30+$15 with a $20 add on. At 7pm daily, there is a $30+$15 tournament as well. Wednesdays and Sundays also have a $20 bounty. Players start with 4000 chips, but players that sign up at least five minutes before the tournament starts receive an additional 1000 in chips. This discourages late entries. Each level lasts 20 minutes.


Players may call to get on the waitlist. The waitlists are all done by hand. Nothing is computerized at Suncoast.

Rake and Jackpot Drop

Suncoast has one of the lowest rakes in Las Vegas raking only 10% up to $3. They also take a jackpot drop from hold’em games. The jackpot drop goes towards progressive high hands. Quads start at $50, straight flushes start at $250, and royal flushes start at $500.

There is also a $15,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em freeroll every two months. Players that play 80 hours of Texas Hold’em during a two month period qualify for the freeroll. Every 25 extra hours over 80 will give the player a 500 chip advantage. First place wins $3000. Players that place between 2nd and 50th will receive $50. All other players are guaranteed $25. There is no jackpot drop for Omaha or Seven Card Stud games, as there is no jackpot for those games.


Players that arrive by valet or the parking deck will enter the casino where the poker room is. Players that enter from the main entrance will need to walk to the back of the casino to the sports book and make a left. The poker room is on the right.