No Download Poker Sites

One of the greatest innovations in online poker has been the no download poker site. The idea of an instant play, no download poker room has been around for a very long time, but it is only in recent years that the idea has spread to a great number of poker sites. Nowadays, no download poker sites have made online poker available to a much greater audience, and have allowed all players the convenience of being able to play poker either at home or on the road.

United States: Best No Download Poker Sites

Advantages of No Download Poker Sites

No download poker sites give you an incredible flexibility that downloadable software clients simply can’t match. For instance, let’s say you’re on vacation and want to play a few hands of poker at an Internet café. You won’t be able to download your favorite poker site’s software onto the computer. However, you can always fire up the no download version in the computer’s web browser and instantly be able to join in on the poker action. The same goes when you’re at work or at a friend’s house, or anywhere else where making a download simply isn’t a realistic option.

Secondly, many players who use alternative operating systems simply aren’t supported with downloadable poker clients by most sites. Even Mac users have clients at only a limited number of sites, while Linux users and others are completely left out in the cold. A no download poker site allows these players to participate in online poker, no matter what operating system they use.

Disadvantages of No Download Poker Sites

The one major disadvantage to no download poker sites is the fact that they often lack features that you’ll find in the downloadable version of the same sites. For instance, a no download poker site may only give you access to the most popular games, and it might be limited in the number of extra features or graphical enhancements that are provided. In addition, when new games and features are introduced to a poker room, they’re generally first developed for the downloadable client; the no download poker site will usually only gain those features months or years later.