July Withdrawal Times and Ratings for US Poker Sites

Posted by on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

The biggest concern for US players is whether they will receive their payouts in a timely manner. Unlike the rest of the world, players in the US have few withdrawal options. Some US online poker rooms do a better job of processing withdrawals than others do. We will break down which online poker rooms offer the best withdrawals for US players.

Sports books with online poker rooms process US payouts faster than traditional online poker rooms. Financially strong sports books have always found ways to pay players in a timely manner in any legal environment. These top sports books that also offer online poker have shown that they are financially strong and know the world of payment processing. Listed below is the current ratings for US online poker sites in terms of the time taken for players to receive their withdrawals. The highest rating is 10 and the lowest is 0.

Americas Cardroom and True Poker (10/10) – Americas Cardroom and True Poker are both members of the Winning Poker Network. Both are owned by Bookmaker.eu. Bookmaker.eu is a subsidiary of BetCris, one of the most well respected online gaming companies in the world. Players that deposit on Americas Cardroom and True Poker are depositing into a safe online gaming company that knows how to get players paid. When it is time to request a withdrawal, US players have the option of requesting a check, Western Union, or debit card transfer. Checks are delivered to your door by FedEx in 1-2 weeks. Western Union takes 3-5 business days. The debit card is perfect for regular winners. A player requests the card for a small fee. After it is delivered, a player can request transfers to the debit card. The debit card works just like an ATM card. This is the fastest withdrawal option for all U.S. players.

5 Dimes (10/10) – 5Dimes is another excellent US player option in terms of payouts. 5Dimes is one of the best known and financially strongest sports books in the world. 5Dimes is on the Winning Poker Network. Players have several payout options. Players may request a check by FedEx as long as the player is not in Hawaii, Alaska, Washington State or Maryland. Players that made a deposit by money order may also request a money order. Checks and money orders are delivered in about one week and have a $1000 minimum and $3000 maximum. Players may receive one free check per month that may be requested on Mondays between 9am and 1pm ET. Additional check withdrawals are $40-$80 depending on the amount. Players may also request bank wires in amounts between $2500 and $5000. The fees are $60-$80 in addition to what the receiving bank charges. Bank wires are processed in about three business days. Western Union transfers may also be requested in amounts up to $2500. Western Union transfers are received in 1-3 days and carry a fee of about 10%. Like many high end sports books, 5Dimes also offers a debit card. Their debit card is unusual in that they can send money directly to a card in your name registered at a bank. Payout requests can be between $100 and $2500 with fees ranging from $15-$40.

Pokerhost (8/10) – Pokerhost is a member of the Merge Gaming Network. Pokerhost is owned by SBG Global. Pokerhost offers US players several withdrawal options. Players may request a bank wire that is processed in 1-2 weeks. Players may also request a check with also takes about 1-2 weeks. The fastest payout option is a Western Union cash transfer which is processed in 1-2 days. The fees are 10-20% of the withdrawal amount for this option. Players may request one free withdrawal by check or bank wire every two weeks.

Carbon Poker (7/10) – Carbon Poker is the largest skin on the Merge Gaming Network. Players may request a check from Carbon Poker in amounts between $100 and $2500. Checks are delivered by courier in about a month. The fee for check withdrawals is $20. Western Union is available to select VIP players with fees of around 10%. Western Union withdrawals are received in about 2-3 business days.

Bovada (6/10) – Bovada is the US version of Bodog. Bovada offers US online poker players several withdrawal options. Players that have been long term Bovada customers are offered Western Union as a withdrawal option for transfers up to $2000. Fees range from 15-20% and the transfer arrives in 2-3 days. Players may also request a check. Checks are currently arriving 6-8 weeks after the withdrawal is initiated by the player. Large withdrawals are processed by bank wire which takes approximately two months to arrive.

Lock Poker (6/10) – Lock Poker is the largest skin on the Revolution Gaming Network. Lock Poker offers check and Western Union withdrawals. Lock Poker will process a Western Union for up to $2000 with fees of 10-15%. Western Union withdrawals take 2-14 days. Checks are processed in 4-6 weeks with a maximum of $2000. Players receive one free withdrawal per month including fees reimbursed for Western Union.

Cake Poker (2/10 Star) – Cake Poker was one the flagship on the network on the same name. Lock Poker purchased the network and renamed it Revolution Gaming Network. Cake Poker offers players just one choice for withdrawals. Players may request a check for up to $3000. Checks take 4-5 months to arrive but do not carry any fee.

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