High Pulse Poker Set To Close?

Posted by on Friday, June 22nd, 2018

A TexasHoldemOnline.com inside source has shared with us that the poker room will be closing on or about July 1, 2018. High Pulse Poker launched late in 2011 after a long beta testing period of nearly two years. During the beta period, players were offered freerolls and other incentives that could be used for future real money play. Before its launch, there was concern about whether the online poker room would ever get off of the ground due to the long beta period.

High Pulse Poker offered unique software that was very popular among players. There were some server issues shortly after the launch as thousands of players logged in to take advantage of the freerolls and promotions. High Pulse Poker had to make many refunds and concessions to players that were involved in tournaments that crashed. It is likely this hurt the future player counts.

The poker room offered many guaranteed tournaments that often had overlay. Rakeback of up to 50% was offered to all players. A healthy first deposit bonus was promoted and from time to time there were some free cash offers. There were also many freerolls offered to players which started every 15 minutes. These regular freerolls were dropped in March.

While the poker room was somewhat successful at its launch, its popularity stalled. Traffic dropped steadily almost from day one. Starting in late February, promoted freerolls linked to player deposits stopped running. Shortly after these freerolls started to disappear from the tournament lobby, the guarantee amounts for tournaments were reduced. This created less overlay for tournament players. Tournament buy ins also dropped. This gave high roller players no options as the highest daily buy in tournament became €25. During May, all guaranteed tournaments were removed from the tournament schedule. This eventually brought tournament traffic down to virtually zero.

Cash game traffic has also collapsed. According to Pokerscout.com, cash game traffic is down about 80% since the launch. High Pulse Poker is only averaging 15 players while peaking at 30-40 players daily. Most cash games are micro limits of €.05/€.10 or lower No Limit Hold’em.

High Pulse Poker has a sponsored forum at the poker forum Twoplustwo.com. While there were many positive discussions in the beginning, the discussion has become mostly negative. Many players are unhappy about the drop of guaranteed tournaments and lack of promotions. The forum rep last logged into Two Plus Two on April 24, 2018 and there has been no response to any of the player complaints by the company.

Two Plus Two is not the only media being ignored by High Pulse Poker. The last post on the High Pulse Poker Facebook page was in February. That was about the same time High Pulse Poker tweeted anything on their Twitter feed. The last news story on their website was over a month ago.

While we expect that High Pulse Poker will close in the coming weeks, we also expect players to get paid in full. It is our understanding that the poker room fully intends on paying players all funds that are owed. Even though we do not believe that this is a situation where players should panic, it may be a good idea to go ahead and request your withdrawal now before there is a rush.


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