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Posted by on Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Which poker-related tweeters should I follow?

If you’re interested in poker and looking for people to follow, whether for fun or for information, you have a lot of choice. Type in ‘poker’ as a topic search in Twitter and you’ll be presented with thousands of suggestions. But which are worth following? We decided that a little human intervention may help. Here are our suggestions for the poker enthusiast. Whom to follow on Twitter – and the reasons why.

The Poker Pros:

Daniel Negreanu


Daniel was voted favorite tweeter and favorite male player by Bluff magazine readers in 2011. He is famous for his relaxed, natural, friendly and chatty attitude at the tables, and this comes across on Twitter too. He is quite active but is also aware that you can tweet too much. As you’d expect, he balances his range well.

Phil Galfond


Phil is as active and respected on Twitter as he is in the poker community. He is a ‘must follow’ for any poker fan. Like Negreanu, he understands the dangers of annoying his followers, and balances well. His tweets are interesting and relevant to poker fans.

Phil Hellmuth


Phil tweets a lot, so you’ll need a little patience, especially if you’ve no interest in American sports or sports betting. Although self-styled ‘the poker brat’, he comes across better on Twitter than he does at the tables. Presumably, the time he has to reflect before tweeting benefits him. He’s still full of himself, of course. Hellmuth’s gonna Hellmuth.

Barry Greenstein


Barry tweets regularly, including at the table, giving updates on his progress. He comes across as a regular guy with a wry sense of humour.

Jonathan Aguiar


Perhaps most famous for being on the end of an alleged blackmail threat from Joe Sebok, Jon has never been one to pull his punches. He is always outspoken about what he feels is not right, and there’s always plenty not right because Jon seems to be one of those people that act as a trouble magnet. Something’s always going wrong for poor old Jon. Be it hotel plumbing, casino rules or customs officials, you can be sure someone’s always out to put him on life tilt.  As one of his followers recently tweeted, “Serious first-world problems eh?” Get your schadenfreude hit here.

Poker News and Information:

Kevin Mathers


Forget all about all those poker news sites and poker magazines. There is only one poker news source needed on Twitter and that is Kevin Mathers. If anything of interest comes up, Kev will be the first to tweet or re-tweet about it.

Subject Poker


Kevmath may be all you need for news, but there’s one other tweeter we’d recommend because they won’t clog up your timeline, but when they do tweet it will be about something important. That tweeter is SubjectPoker. Their bio sums them up perfectly, “Poker news done right. The source of independent and objective poker content.”

Poker Humour and Parody:

Howard Lederer (fake)


Recommended if you want to know how Howard is spending your money. This comic genius imagines himself in the boots of Howard Lederer (Full Tilt crook) and makes sarcastic, witty and hilarious tweets. “Rafe, Ray, Jesus and I are having a $10 mil guaranteed tourney at my house to compete with PS. Thanks Tappie group for overlay”.

Gus Hansen (fake)


The life and times of a fanny-magnet high-roller. Fake Gus, similar to Fake Howard produces a lot of brilliant posts mocking and jesting Gus Hansen. “I have never been called a soft opponent, and that has nothing to do with my 8 abs and 2% body fat.”

Jesse May


Follow Jesse May, “the voice of poker”, for an irreverent look at events in poker. Jesse is a popular figure in the poker world that is a great addition to any one looking for a not so serious look on happenings in the poker world.

Padraig Parkinson


Padraig is probably the funniest pro player in the world. Follow him. If you are into crude, intelligent and borderline bad taste humour than you are guaranteed a laugh from the Irish man. “The closest Im going to get to live streaming tonight is stopping in the street for a piss on my way home”.

 Dave Ulliott


Dave would probably like to be the funniest pro player in the world. Judging by the preponderance of wife and mother-in-law jokes, our guess is that he’s trying to position himself as poker’s answer to Les Dawson. Interspersed amongst the old jokes you’ll have to suffer old-school disparaging remarks about internet young guns (yawn.)  Whilst subtlety and coherence are not his strong suits it’s still well worth following Dave for nostalgia value alone.

  1. @HowardFLederer is one of the funnirest Twitterers out there. – in regards to poker anyway!

    Comment by Steve Toon on January 19, 2012 at 10:08 pm

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