Mac Poker Sites

If you’re a Mac user, there’s probably a lot you love about your computer. But the one problem that Apple fans sometimes run into is the number of programs and websites that simply aren’t made for Macs. This can be a frustrating wrinkle in an otherwise flawless experience with your Mac.

Luckily, poker sites have noticed the growing market in Mac poker players, and there are now a huge number of Mac poker sites available for you to choose from. If you want more information on Mac poker sites and how you can play poker on a Mac, read on!

Best MAC Poker Sites for Players in United States:

Types of Mac Poker Sites

These days, nearly every poker site can be a Mac poker site, depending on how hard you’re willing to work at it. The best options are sites like 888 Poker, which have dedicated Mac software clients that you can download and use like any other program.

A good second option for many sites is the Flash- or Java-based no-download, instant play poker room. These provide a browser-based way to access online poker, and will usually work with most major browsers, including Safari. While these instant play poker rooms don’t always have the same range of features that downloadable clients do, they represent a great way to access more Mac poker sites.

Finally, any poker room can be a Mac poker site if you’re willing to utilize a Windows operating system. By using Boot Camp on a Mac, you can boot into Windows mode (provided you’ve installed a Windows OS), thus gaining access to any Windows program, including online poker room clients.

How to Play Poker Using a Mac

Most major poker rooms include a page on their websites devoted to Mac users. These pages will usually tell you what options are available for you on that site, along with instructions on how to get started and any installations you may need to make. If you don’t see a page like this on the poker site of your choice, look for information on an “instant play” option; these browser based versions of poker sites are usually open to all players, no matter what operating system they use.