Linux Poker Sites

Linux-based operating systems have long been one of the top choices for servers and supercomputers, and they’re also becoming more popular as a choice for home computer users. Linux users get to enjoy a stable, secure open-source operating system with a large variety of programs available – including many online poker rooms. While options for Linux users are sometimes limited when compared to their Mac and PC-using compatriots, there are still plenty of ways for Linux users to play online poker.

Linux Poker Sites Available to Players in United States

Types of Linux Poker Sites

Playing on Linux poker sites can be done in one of two ways – the first of which is easier, and the second of which gives you access to a wider variety of poker sites. The easier method is sticking to sites that have instant play, no-download poker rooms. These sites offer browser-based poker games that can be used by any player and almost any browser, regardless of the OS they are using.

A second method for accessing poker sites through Linux is by using the Wine software. Wine allows you to run Windows applications in Linux, thus giving you the chance to use any downloadable poker client for any online poker room. While it might take a little more work to get going, using Wine will allow you to play anywhere with a fully-featured client.

How to Play Poker Using Linux

Most online poker rooms do not have pages dedicated to Linux users on their websites. However, sites that have browser-based poker options typically make sure that their software works well on Linux and in popular web browsers. Simply check out the “instant play” page at your favorite poker site, and it will give you all the instructions you need in order to start playing.