Monte Carlo Poker Room

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monte carlo hotel las vegasMonte Carlo is located towards the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. The property is owned by MGM Resorts. There is a tram that connects the Monte Carlo to the Bellagio, and a walkway that connects Monte Carlo to Aria.

The Monte Carlo Poker Room has 8 cash games tables, with two additional tables that are used for tournaments outside the poker room if needed.

The main cash game found running at the Monte Carlo is a 1/3 No Limit Texas Hold’em with a $100-$300 buyin. There is an occasional 2-6 spread limit game, though this runs infrequently. No limit hold’em is by far the most popular game spread. If you want to find a list of running games you can call the poker room to find details in order to see if there’s a suitable game running.

Smoke/Noise Levels – One of the Best in Vegas

The Monte Carlo Poker Room is very quiet. It is tucked away in a corner, away from most of the casino floor. The sports book is just far enough away to not be loud, but close enough to run over and make a bet between hands. Smoke is virtually a non issue in the poker room due to its location.

Comps Gained at the Poker Tables

Players earn $1 an hour in comps while playing when clocked in with their M Life card. Unlike most rooms, the Monte Carlo Poker Room caps comps at $6 total for a 24 hour period. Players may use comps towards hotel, food, and gift shop merchandise. The casino hotel rate is offered to players that average 5 hours a day during their stay. The casino rate equates to 25% off of the advertised rate for that day.

Poker Room Facilities

For such a small poker room, Monte Carlo offers several amenities, better than many of it’s larger counterparts. There are several TVs located around the poker room. All cash game tables use automatic shufflers. The bathroom and sports book are located nearby. Cocktail service is offered, with many higher end drinks comped. Players may alsoreceive a massage while playing.

monte carlo poker room

Holdem Alternatives at the Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo Poker Room advertises that there is a regular 3/6 Omaha Hi game. When I inquired about it, I was told it is not a common game, but they will spread it or any other game upon request when there is enough interest.

Monte Carlo Poker Tournaments

Monte Carlo offers at least three daily No Limit Hold’em tournaments. At 9am daily, there is a $37+$13 tournament. At 6pm and 11pm daily, there is a $45+$15 tournament. On Wednesdays, these tournaments become bounty tournaments and the bounty is $10 on top of the standard buyin. When one player knocks another player out, they win a bounty chip off of the player that went out of the tournament. Each Thursday-Sunday, there is a $27+$13 tournament with unlimited $20 rebuys. In all tournaments, players may reenter during the first hour.


Monte Carlo uses the Genesis Bravo System, but like many of the other large rooms in Vegas, it does not feed that information into the Bravo Poker app. If you want to nquire about the games running or get on the waitlist you can call the poker room. Monte Carlo Poker Room’s Twitter account is @MonteCarloPKR. The Monte Carlo Poker Room’s Twitter account is not very active though.

Rake Amounts and Jackpot Drop

The Monte Carlo Poker Room rakes a sandard10% up to $4. There is also a $1 jackpot drop at $10, and a second drop at $40. There is a monthly $16,000 freeroll that pays the top 36 players. It also pays $100 each to the first two people to lose pocket aces or kings in the tournament. There are also high hand bonuses for cash games, starting at $50 for four of a kind.

Finding the Poker Room

Players entering Monte Carlo from the Las Vegas Strip should walk straight back along the far left walkway. The poker room is just past the sports book. Players coming in from the parking deck should go to the right as they enter the casino floor. The poker room is on the far right. Players coming from Aria or the tram station should make a left when entering the casino floor. Take the first right along the walkway and the poker room is straight ahead, to the right of the sports book.