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mandalay bay las vegasThe poker room in Mandalay Bay is typically a slow poker room. Located at the far south end of the Las Vegas Strip, there is little in the way of foot traffic in front of the room beyond hotel guests. The poker room is home to a solid set of locals, as well as a few tourists.

Home to 10 tables, there are typically only a handful of cash games running. The main game is a $100-$300 buyin 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em. Occasionally there will be a 2/5 no limit game or a small fixed limit game.

When there is UFC on at the hotel, the games usually fill up much quicker and the quality of the games goes up considerably, due to the number of recreational players who are just in town to watch the fights. The best nights for playing are usually the nights before and the night of the UFC events, as players are generally in town just to party and don’t mind throwing away a few buyins at poker after downing some beers earlier in the night.

Services Offered and Other Amenities

The poker room uses automatic shufflers at the tables. There are several TVs, and big screen TVs that can be seen in the adjoining sports book. Restrooms are just beyond the sports book. Players may receive a massage at the table. The standard poker room cocktail service is offered.

Is the Poker Room Smoky/Noisy

Most of the time the Mandalay Bay Poker Room is pretty much smoke free. Mandalay Bay is not a smoky casino to begin with, and the poker room only shares one open wall with it. The sports book can be loud during major events, though the majority of the time, the poker room is extremely relaxing and quiet.

What are the Comps Like

Like all MGM properties, Mandalay Bay gives players $1 an hour in comps when players clock in with their M Life card. Comps may be used for food or hotel. Players that average 5 hours a day will qualify for the casino rate at the hotel. Casino rate is 25% off of the published price.

Are Any Non Holdem Games Available?

The Mandalay Bay Poker Room offers only Texas Hold’em games.

mandalay bay poker room

Mandalay Bay Poker Tournaments

Mandalay Bay offers many different No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments. Every Monday-Thursday, there is a $30+$10 tournament at 10am. Players start with 3000 tournament chips. At 3pm and 7pm every Monday-Thursday there is a $40+$10 tournament. Players start with 3000 chips in these tournaments as well. On Friday and Saturday there is a $30+10 at 10am and a $40+$10 at 1pm. Both tournaments start with 3000 chips. Sundays at 11am and 2pm there is a $40+$10 tournament that starts with 3000 chips.

All of the above tournaments have 15 minute levels. At 5pm every Friday and Saturday, there is an $85+$15 bounty tournament. The bounty is $25 and is included in the $85. The bounty tournaments start with 5000 chips. Bounty tournaments have 20 minute levels. Players may reenter or late register for the tournament during the first two levels.

The Mandalay Bay Poker Room also offers sit and gos. These are one or two table tournaments, depending on demand. While they do not run often, they do take off during some peak times. The buyin is $50+$15. First place wins 70% of the prize pool, while 2nd place receives the other 30% of the prize pool. Players may reenter or late register during the first two levels. Levels go up every 10 minutes.

Poker Waitlists

The Mandalay Bay Poker Room does not distribute their Genesis Bravo Poker system information to the Bravo Poker app. Players must call or visit the room for information. Call ins for the waitlist are accepted.

How Much is the Rake and is There a Jackpot Drop?

Like many of the other south Vegas strip properties, The Mandalay Bay Poker Room rakes 10% up to $4. There is also a $1 jackpot drop taken when the pot reaches $10. This jackpot drop goes towards splash pots and high hands. There are $50 splash pots every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between noon and 4am. Between 4am and noon, splash pots are $100. A splash pot occurs on the following hand when a player hits a qualifying high hand of four of a kind, straight flush, or royal flush using both hole cards. Four of a kind wins $50, a straight flush wins $100, and a royal flush $250 for the winning player in the hand that triggers the splash pot.

How to Get There from Inside the Casino

The Mandalay Bay Poker Room is located on the west side of the property. When coming in from the front entrance, walk to the casino floor and follow the far left wall. The poker room is between the casino cage and sports book. If arriving by the tram that travels from Excalibur, walk to the right, then straight ahead when reaching the casino floor. When reaching the far west wall, the poker room is between the casino cashier cage and the sports book. If walking over from Luxor, the poker room will be on the right shortly after stepping off of the escalator.