Luxor Poker Review

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luxor hotel las vegasThe Luxor Poker Room is an 11 table room underneath the recognizable pyramid in the desert. Luxor is so unique, that its light can be seen from space.

The main, and virtually only game spread at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, is 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em in which the buyin range is between $50 and $300.

The poker room consists of mostly tourists and other casual players, meaning the games are generally a little fishier on average compared to some of the other rooms on the strip.

Amenities for Poker Players

The Luxor Poker Room is a low budget, low amenity poker room. Cocktail service is as expected at a poker room of Luxor’s caliber. The poker room uses automatic shufflers, but the luxury ends there. The poker room has seen a recent remodel, but still falls below what most would considered to be a high end poker room. The sports book is quite a long walk away compared to most rooms. Parking and bathrooms are not very close either.

Smoke and Noise Level in the Poker Room

The Luxor Poker Room is mostly walled in. This prevents the room from getting smoky and noisy. The most open wall is the wide wall facing the casino floor. While this lets some casino annoyances in, it also helps attract some walk by traffic.

Complimentaries for Playing Poker at Luxor

Luxor poker players receive $1 an hour in comps when clocked in with their M Life card. Comps can be used for food, hotel, or gift shop purchases. Players that average four hours a day of play can receive 25% off of the Luxor hotel’s published rate.

Non Hold’em Games Offered

The Luxor’s poker room is exclusively a Texas Hold’em poker room and no other games are spread there.

luxor poker room
The Luxor has one of the more basic poker rooms on the Vegas Strip

Luxor Poker Tournaments

The Luxor Poker Room offers three daily No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments. At 10:30am daily, there is a $25+$10 tournament. That tournament starts with 3000 chips and has 15 minute levels. At 12:30pm and 8:30pm, there is a $45+$15 tournament. Those tournaments start with 4000 chips and have 20 minute levels. Luxor will also spread sit and gos if there is interest. Sit and gos are 10 handed. First place receives 65% of the prize pool, while second place receives 35%. The entry fee can be any amount agreed upon, although the house will include a $15 fee in the buyin.

Waiting Lists for Poker

While the Luxor Poker Room uses the Genesis Bravo System, they do not participate in the Bravo Poker app. Players must call the poker room, or visit it, to find out the action available. Players may get on a waitlist by phone.

Rake at Poker Tables and Jackpot Drop

The rake at the Luxor Poker Room is 10% up to $4. There is a $1 jackpot drop at $10, and another $1 at $60. Jackpots are won with high hands. Four of a kind hands start at $50 for each hand (i.e. quad 2’s, quad 3’s, quad 4’s). After the hand is hit once, that individual quad hand goes to level 2 which is $1. The hand goes up $100 each time it is hit, but caps at $599 on level 5 as $600 would require a 1099 tax form. A straight flush starts at $200 on level 1 and goes up $100 until level 5, where the prize is $599. A royal flush starts at $500 on level 1, level 2 is $1000, and the levels go up $1000 until level 5. After a high hand hits on level 5, the prize for that hand resets to its level 1 amount.

Location of the Poker Room in the Hotel

The Luxor Poker Room is not convenient from the parking garage or the front entrance. If arriving from the front entrance, go to the right upon entering the casino. Follow the right wall around the casino floor. The poker room will be on the right. From self parking, which is poorly designed, enter the casino by going downstairs from the walkway. Follow the left wall around the corner, and the poker room is there. Luxor connects to Mandalay Bay and Excalibur. From Mandalay Bay, walk straight across the casino around the center party pit. The poker room will be along the left wall just before the Excalibur walkway. From Excalibur, the poker room will be on the right just after walking onto the Luxor casino floor.