Excalibur Poker Room Review

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excalibur hotel las vegasExcalibur is located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip between New York New York and Luxor.

The Excalibur Poker Room is home to 12 tables, although it is rare for that many tables to be needed. Excalibur was the poker room that experimented with Pokertek’s PokerPro electronic tables.

The experiment was a failure, and Excalibur once again uses live dealers.

There are two main games at Excalibur. One is a $100-$300 buyin 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em. The other is a 2-6 spread limit game which uses only one $2 blind.

Amenities at Excalibur

Excalibur is home to some great no limit games, but does not have much to offer players in amenities. Automatic shufflers are used. There are a few TVs, but they are small and out of sight for many players. The sports book is nearby, as are the restrooms. Standard cocktail service is also available. Restrooms require a longer walk than normal from the poker room.

Smoke and Noise Level

The poker room is on the casino floor, but is in a relatively quiet area away from the table games. The smoke can be an issue, but nowhere near as bad as some other poker rooms that are in the middle of the casino floor. The nearby sports book can be annoying during major sporting events.


Players receive $1 an hour in comps while clocked in with their M Life card. Comps may be used for food, gift shop, or hotel. Players that give at least 5 hours of action daily can receive the casino rate at the hotel. That is 25% off the advertised hotel rate.

Non Hold’em Games Offered

Excalibur is strictly a Texas Hold’em poker room.

excalibur poker room
The poker room in Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas

Excalibur Poker Tournaments

The Excalibur Poker Room offers four daily tournaments. All are low buyins with 15 minute levels and high juice. At 9am daily, there is a $25+$10 tournament with 3000 in chips. At 1pm and 5pm daily, there is a $37+$13 tournament with 4000 starting chips and 20 minute levels. At 8pm Sunday-Friday, there is a $28+$12 tournament with 3500 starting chips and 20 minute levels. On Saturdays, there is what the Excalibur Poker Room calls their Strip Poker Tournament. The tournament is $37+$13 buyin with 4000 starting chips and 20 minute levels. First place is guaranteed at least $500.


Excalibur uses the Bravo Poker System, but does not publicly publish their numbers in the Bravo Poker app. Players must call or drop by the poker room to find out what games are active. Signups for cash games may be made by phone.

Rake and Jackpot Drop

The Excalibur Poker Room rakes 10% up to $4. They also take a jackpot dollar. The jackpot rake goes towards spinning the wheel where a player can win up to $70 if they have aces cracked, make four of a kind, or a royal flush. There is also a $2000 bad beat jackpot. To win the bad beat jackpot, a player must lose aces full to four of a kind or better.


The Excalibur Poker Room is located in the far back end of the casino. If arriving from self parking, the poker room is one of the first things that you will see upon entering the casino. If coming from the front entrance, walk straight past all of the table games. The poker room is in the middle of the casino floor past the last table game in the pit. If walking over from Luxor, go down the escalator by the food court. Continue straight ahead from the bottom of the escalator. The poker room is in the middle of the casino floor.