Venetian Poker Room Review

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venetian las vegas hotelThe Venetian is one of the most luxurious poker rooms located in Las Vegas. Just as the hotel is five stars, it is hard to find anything bad to say about the Venetian Poker Room. With a red base color around the poker room, with darker finishes, the poker room gives a high class feel just by walking in it. The Venetian Poker Room has the widest variety of games of any Las Vegas poker room. At 40 tables, and more during special events, it is also the largest. Regular games include 1/2 ($100-$300), 2/5 ($200-$1000), and uncapped 5/10 No Limit Texas Hold’em. Limit games include 4/8 and 8/16 Texas Hold’em, 4/8, 8/16, and 15/30 Omaha High/Low, and the occasional mixed game. Pot Limit Omaha, at 1/2 or 2/5, is also common. There is also a game called “Big O”, which is a 5 card Omaha game. Overall the Venetian is probably favorite place to play poker anywhere in Vegas.

Every amenity a poker player can think of is available at the Venetian Poker Room. The chairs are expensive, high end office chairs, with great conditioned tables allowing for utmost comfort when playing. Players can order high quality food at the table, much better offerings than other high end casinos and they can also receive a massage. Automatic shufflers are at every table. TVs are on every possible space on the walls, although some seats are obstructed or are too far away to see anything. The sports book and bathrooms are not close, but they are just a short walk away. There is a sports betting kiosk just outside of the poker room so that players can make a quick bet. Higher limits games are held in a private salon area just off the main poker room.

Smokiness and Noise Levels

The poker room is noisy just from having so many tables. The casino noise is not too annoying. Smoking is not allowed immediately outside the poker room, and is enforced. This makes the poker room smoke free compared to most poker rooms, again adding to the appeal of the poker room.

Venetian Poker Comps

All players in all games receive $2 an hour in comps. Comps may be used for food, hotel, massages, or gift shop purchases. There is a poker rate for the hotel for players that average six hours a day. The rate is $129 Sunday-Thursday, and $179 on weekends.

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Non Hold’em Games Offered

The Venetian Poker Room offers more non hold’em games than any other poker room in Las Vegas. Non hold’em games include 4/8, 8/16, and 15/30 Omaha High/Low, 4/8 and 8/16 mixed games, 1/2 and 2/5 Pot Limit Omaha, and 1/2 Big O. Other games, such as mixed games, are available upon request. Special request games often incur a lower rake than other games.

Venetian Poker Tournaments

The poker room at Venetian is tournament central for Las Vegas. The poker room even has their own tournament podium. In addition to the quarterly Deep Stack Extravaganza, the Venetian offers at least two different tournaments daily. All daily tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’em. The Deep Stack events will have a handful of non hold’em games such as Omaha High/Low, Pot Limit Omaha, and HORSE. Venetian’s poker room will spread private tournaments upon request. Here is a list of the normal tournaments:

  • Sunday noon – $166+$34 with 12,000 starting stack and 30 minute levels.
  • Monday-Thursday at noon and Friday 7pm – $124+$26 with a 12,000 starting stack and 30 minute levels.
  • Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7pm – $95+$25 with an 8000 chip starting stack and 20 minute levels for first 4 levels, moving to 30 minute levels at level 5.
  • Tuesday 7pm – $124+$26 bounty tournament with $25 bounty included in buyin. The starting stack is 12,000 chips with 30 minute levels.
  • Friday 7pm – $166+$34 with a $25 bounty included in price. Levels are 30 minutes, with a 12,000 starting stack.
  • Saturday noon (except 1st Saturday of month) – $252+$48 with 30 minute levels and a 12,000 starting stack.
  • First Saturday of month – $435+$65 with a 15,000 starting stack and 40 minute levels.

Saturday tournaments offer satellites starting at 8am. The $300 tournament has $80 single table satellites. The $500 event has $130 satellites. All tournaments allow late entry through the third level.


The Venetian Poker Room uses the Bravo Poker System. This includes a kiosk where players can swipe their player’s card to get on a waitlist. Venetian announces their games on Twitter @VenetianPoker, as well as on Facebook at Venetian Poker Room. Venetian shares their feed with the Bravo Poker app. Players may also call in to get on lists or check for availability.

Rake and Jackpot Drop in the Poker Games

The Venetian Poker Room rakes 10% up to $4. Some limit games, especially mixed games, may have a max rake of $2 or $3 upon request. Higher limit games are charged by time. There are no jackpots or jackpot drops at Venetian’s poker room.

Getting to the Poker Room

When entering from the front door, enter where the outdoor gondola area is, and the poker room is immediately on the left. That podium is the tournament podium. For cash games walk around the wall and make a left. To self park, it is suggested that you park at Palazzo and walk next door through the connecting corridor. To do this, walk straight upon entering the Palazzo casino floor. Make a left at the table games and follow the walkway out of the Palazzo into the shopping area. When entering the Venetian casino floor, make a right at the table games and the poker room will be on the left.