Treasure Island Poker Room Review

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treasure island poker roomTreasure Island is located towards the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. The casino is middle of the road, slightly on the higher end. The Treasure Island Casino was once owned by MGM Resorts, but is now owned by Phil Ruffin. Phil Ruffin purchased it from MGM Resorts during the financial meltdown in March 2009.

There are 8 tables in the Treasure Island Poker Room though it specializes in just one game, 1/3 No Limit Texas Hold’em. During some promotional times, a 3/6 Fixed Limit Hold’em game will be spread. When there is enough interest, Treasure Island will spread a 3/6 or 4/8 mixed game.

Treasure Island is a higher end poker room. The tables all have automatic shufflers, the felts are in good repair, and the chairs are higher end executive type office chairs. The poker room recently installed free wireless internet for players, which was a great improvement due to the poor cell phone reception in the poker room. Players may order food tableside from the neighboring pizza restaurant. Cocktail service is adequate, but as the poker room gets busier, the service tends to suffer since only one waitress is assigned to the entire poker room. Overall, the room is pretty comfortable and definitely one of the nicer playing environments in Vegas.

Smoke is not a problem in the Treasure Island Poker Room. That is because the poker room has three full walls. The one wall that is not a full wall opens into a no smoking corridor. Noise is also not a problem within the poker room due to it’s design that lends itself to privacy.

Poker Complimentaries

Players that are clocked in with the Treasure Island player’s card receive $2 an hour in comps that can be used for food or hotel. Comps must be requested directly from the poker room manager. Players that average six hours a day will receive 20% off of their hotel bill.

Treasure Island Poker Tournaments

Treasure Island offers four poker tournaments each day. All tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’em. The times for the tournaments are 11am, 2pm, 7pm, and 10pm. The buyin is $37+$13.

Other Games Apart From Hold’em

While Treasure Island typically offers just their 1/3 No Limit Texas Hold’em game, they do have a mixed game from time to time. During the summer tournament season, many dealers will play there during their off time. Players can choose from about 20 different games. These games include Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud High/Low, Razz, 2-7 Triple Draw, A-5 Triple Draw, Double Flop Omaha, 3-2-1 Omaha, and Five Card Draw.

Waiting for a Game

While Treasure Island uses the Genesis Bravo system for their waitlists and player clock ins, the data is not available in the Bravo Poker app. Players must follow the Treasure Island Poker Room on Twitter or Facebook to see updates on games. The Treasure Island Poker Room Twitter account is @TIPokerLV. The Facebook account is TIPokerLV. Players may call the poker room to inquire about game availability, or to get on a waitlist.

Rake and Jackpot Drop and Special Promotions

The Treasure Island Poker Room rakes a max of $4 per hand raked at 10%. They also drop $1 in jackpot rake when the pot reaches $10 and $1 more when the jackpot reaches $20.

Treasure Island offers players several promotions that are covered by the $2 jackpot drop. For every 25 hours a player plays in the poker room, the player may spin the prize wheel. There are also high hand bonuses for four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush hands. For four of a kind, the player must use a pocket pair. For straight and royal flushes, the player must use both hole cards. There is also a “Paid to Play” promotion. Players are paid weekly for playing in the poker room. These pay rate is as follows:

  • 10 Hours = $50
  • 20 Hours = $125
  • 30 Hours = $200
  • 40 Hours = $300
  • 50 Hours = $400
  • 60 Hours = $599

Poker Room Location

The Treasure Island Poker Room is located in the back of the casino. When arriving from the parking deck, the poker room is at the bottom of the escalators, just before the casino floor. When arriving from the Spring Mountain Road bridge, walk a straight line past the table games and the poker room is in the retail area. When arriving from the main entrance, walk along the left wall of the casino floor and make a left at the craps pit.