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Mirage Hotel Las VegasThe Mirage Poker Room was the first major poker room on the Las Vegas Strip. The Mirage Poker Room attracted some of the highest action in town back in its day.

The Mirage poker room has 19 tables with two main games running at all times. Those two games are a 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em game with a $100-$300 buyin, and a 3/6 fixed limit hold’em game.

The Mirage Poker Room is extremely high quality, with some of the highest end fixtures and fittings of any of the poker rooms in Las Vegas. The tables, felts, and chairs are all of high quality, showing little in the way of wear and tear. There are several TVs in the poker room, and players along the east end of the poker room can see into the sports book where big screen TVs are in plain view. All tables have automatic shufflers and massages can be received at the table while playing poker. The restrooms are just a short walk away, much more convenient than some of the other poker rooms on the North Vegas strip. Drink service is fast, and players can order a variety of liquor, beer, and wine.

Poker Room Surroundings – Noise & Smoke

While not terrible, some tables along the rail have a minor smoke annoyance. The poker room has two rails and two full walls. The sports book is connected to the poker room and can get loud during major sporting events, though at non peak times is relatively quiet.

Comps for Poker Players

Players receive $1 an hour in comps while clocked in with their M Life card. Comps may be used for food, hotel, or sundries. The Mirage Poker Room offers a poker rate for the hotel after five hours of daily play. The rate is the basic casino rate, which tends to be about 20% off of the published rate.

Hard To Find A Game Other Than Holdem

The Mirage Poker Room used to be the place to play high limit Omaha High/Low. That game moved to Wynn and eventually died. Outside of a rare Omaha High/Low game, there is little in the way of Non Hold’em games spread at Mirage. As with most other rooms in Vegas, if there is enough interest, the room will start up a table of any game whether it’s PLO, O8 or pretty much any variant that can get a full table going.

mirage poker room

Mirage Poker Tournaments

Mirage offers reasonably good tournaments daily. Each day at 11am and 7pm there is a No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament. Each tournament, with the exception of the 11am Saturday event, is a $50+$15 tournament. Players start with 8000 chip and the levels run 20 minutes. At 11am on Saturdays, there is a tournament called “The Stack”. While this tournament starts with 50,000 chips, and has 30 minute levels, the first level is 500/500. That is five times the big blind of the smaller events. The buyin for The Stack is $100+$20. The Stack does not run much deeper than most tournaments of the same buyin range in Las Vegas.

Waiting lists for Poker

Like all MGM properties, Mirage does not participate in the Bravo Poker app, even though they use the Bravo System in their poker room. Players can call in to get on waitlists and check on games. The Mirage Poker Room is on Twitter @MiragePoker, although the information that they post is often not related to their poker room.

Rake and Jackpot Drop

The Mirage Poker Room rakes the Vegas standard 10% up to a max of $4. There is also an additional jackpot drop of $1 at $10 and a second dollar at $40. The jackpots include an Aces Cracked promotion that runs between 8am and 2pm daily. Players that lose with multiple colored aces in their hand receive $75. If both aces are the same color, the player receives $150. The pot must be $40 for this to be paid. There is also a high hand jackpot where quads pay $75, a straight flush pays $125, and a royal flush pays $250. If a player flops a royal flush, the player receives $599 and every player dealt in the hand received $100. There is also a $2500 bad beat jackpot, and a $250,000 freeroll series.


The Mirage Poker Room is convenient for players entering from the front door. Simply walk to the atrium, make a left towards the table games, and the poker room is on the left. Players that drive to Mirage might want to consider parking at Treasure Island and taking the tram over to Mirage.