Non Holdem Games In Las Vegas

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The two most popular games in Las Vegas are No Limit Texas Hold’em and Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em. There are still many games that can be found in Las Vegas that are not Texas Hold’em. There are many players that simply burnout playing the same game day in and day out. It is nice to have a refreshing change. This is especially true for players that just need a break from higher limit games, and wish to enjoy a laid back mixed game or Omaha game. Non Hold’em games also tend to be softer, as there are few experts in these types of games. Below is a list of poker rooms throughout the Las Vegas Valley that offer some games other than Texas Hold’em.

Aria – Aria is home to several mixed games. The limits are usually 4/8, 12/24, 15/30, or 30/60. Aria will spread any limit 4/8 or above as long as there are enough players. Mixed games usually include Razz, Seven Card Stud High/Low, Badugi, 2-7 Triple Draw, and Omaha High/Low. Players agree on what games to include beforehand, and games can be added or removed as the game is played. The Aria Poker Room also offers 1/3 and 2/5 Pot Limit Omaha.

Bellagio – Bellagio will spread a 20/40 Seven Card Stud game often. Antes are $5, with a $10 bring in. There is also a 30/60 Omaha High/Low game. Bobby’s Room will often have a 300/600 mixed game as well as other non hold’em games.

Boulder Station – Boulder Station is famous for their 4/8 Omaha Hi game. It is an unusual game with a lot of action, and many players chasing to the river. There is often over $5000 on this table. Be prepared for large swings if you decide to play this action packed game. Note that this game is dealt in a poker room that allows smoking.

El Cortez – Every Saturday morning the El Cortez spreads a 1-4 Spread Limit Seven Card Stud Hi game. Antes are $.25, with a $1 bringin.
Imperial Palace – Every Sunday night at 7pm there is a 10 game mix.

MGM Grand – Every Tuesday night at the MGM Poker Room there is a $120 HORSE tournament. Often, there is a cash game that breaks out afterwards. A 1/2 Pot Limit Omaha game is also fairly common.

Orleans – Orleans is the home for Omaha High/Low in Las Vegas. There is a 4/8 Omaha High/Low game that runs 24 hours a day. An 8/16 game will also get off the ground from time to time. There are two HORSE tournaments and two Omaha High/Low tournaments each week.

Palms – At least once a week, sometimes twice, there is a 1/2 half No Limit Hold’em half Pot Limit Omaha cash game.

Red Rock Resort – The Red Rock Poker Room will spread 4/8 Omaha High/Low game about 10 hours a day, longer on weekends. A mixed game will be dealt upon request.

Suncoast – Suncoast offers the only regular Seven Card Stud High/Low game in Las Vegas. On Mondays and Fridays there is a 2-10 spread limit double qualifier. Players must have an 8 or better for low, or two pair for high to qualify. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, there is a 4/8 Seven Card Stud High/Low. Both games have a $1 ante and $2 bring in.

Treasure Island – Treasure Island will spread a 3/6 or 4/8 mixed game once or twice a month. This game typically involves dealers from other casinos playing in their off time. During the summer tournament season, this game runs much more frequently.

Tropicana – Every Monday night at 7pm there is a 4/8 mixed game at the Tropicana Poker Room. Players may call in to get on the list.

Venetian – The Venetian Poker Room is home to many non hold’em games. Regular Omaha High/Low games include 4/8, 8/16, and 15/30. A 1/2 Big O game is also common. Mixed games are also spread upon request. The mixed game limits are typically 4/8 or 8/16. Mixed games can be HORSE, or any other mix that players agree to play. Pot Limit Omaha can also be found at the Venetian Poker Room.

Wynn – An occasional Pot Limit Omaha or mixed game can be found at the Wynn Poker Room.