Binions Poker Room Review

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binions hotel las vegasOnce known as Binion’s Horseshoe, Binion’s was once home to the World Series of Poker. After Harrah’s Entertainment acquired the World Series of Poker brand, the event was moved to the Rio.

The poker room at Binion’s has 10 cash game tables, with 30 more tournament tables located in the back of the casino. Many of these tournament tables are walled off in what was once the bingo hall. The tournament area is only used during the summer’s Binion’s Classic event.

The two main games at Binion’s are a no cap 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em game with a minimum buyin of $100, and a 2/4 fixed limit game. The 2/4 game is typically full of grinders trying to hit one of the jackpots offered.

Smoke and Noise Level in the Poker Room

Binion’s Poker Room is quiet and smoke free. The poker room is almost completely walled off, and players must walk away from the room to smoke. This is one of the least smoky poker rooms in Las Vegas.

Generous Comp Rates But Not Much To Use Them On

Binion’s offers players $2 an hour for every hour played in the poker room. While that is a great rate, there is little to spend the comps on. Players can spend comps at the café or snack bar. They may also use it towards hotel charges at Four Queens, sister property of Binion’s. The hotel at Binion’s is currently closed, with no rescheduled time for reopening, so guests must stay at Four Queens.

Other Amenities

While Binion’s offers free drinks, there is little in the way of amenities. There are some TVs, and the tables have automatic shufflers. While aesthetically pleasing, there is little interesting about the poker room beyond its rich World Series of Poker past. Players that give at least three hours of action can have their parking ticket validated. This validation covers 24 hours of parking.

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Holdem Alternatives are Few and Far Between

Outside of the summer Binion’s Classic tournament series, there are no non hold’em games spread at Binion’s. During the summer, a non hold’em game might be spread that is similar to that day’s event.

Binion’s Poker Tournaments

Binion’s offers three daily tournaments. At 10am and 2pm, there is a $48+$12 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament with 15 minute levels. At 7pm, there is a $78+$22 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament with 20 minute levels for the first hour, then 30 minute levels thereafter. On weekends, this tournament carries a $5000 guarantee.

During the summer, Binion’s offers the Binion’s Classic series. Tournament buyins range from $150-$1000. Games include No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha High/Low, HORSE, Seven Card Stud High/Low, and Omaha High/Low. During the Binion’s Classic series, the 2pm tournament is canceled. There is also a second chance tournament that is added which tends to draw nearly 100 players.

Waiting Lists and the Bravo App

Binion’s uses the Genesis Bravo Poker system that uses electronic waitlists and digital waitlist displays, however as with many other poker rooms in Vegas, they don’t provide this information for use in the Bravo Poker app. The only way to check on games running or get on a list is either to call ahead or to drop into the poker room in person.

Rake and Jackpot Drop

Binion’s rakes 10% up to $4. There is also a $1 jackpot drop. The jackpot drop is used towards high hand promotions such as four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush. Each hand resets at $50 and progresses until it is hit. There are also holiday promotions that are announced on Binion’s website.

Location of the Poker Room

Binion’s poker room is on the southwest side of the building. When entering from Fremont Street, use the entrance closest to the Whisky Bar. If coming in from the parking deck, enter from the shuttered valet parking area. You will enter the Binion’s Classic tournament area. Continue walking straight, and the poker room manager’s booth will be on the right past the security booth and closed down change booth.