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planet hollywood las vegasPlanet Hollywood, formerly Aladdin, is located in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. Planet Hollywood is owned by Caesar’s Entertainment, owners of the World Series of Poker. Planet Hollywood is a hip, younger style casino.

The poker room offers 12 high quality tables, located towards the rear of the casino. The main game at Planet Hollywood is a 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em game with a buyin range of $100-$300. Other non holdem games such as PLO, stud or mixed games are never run at Planet Hollywood.

The Planet Hollywood Poker Room is located on the southwest side of the casino. When coming from the parking area, make your way across the rear of the casino. When coming in from the Las Vegas Strip, make your way to the left past the table game pits.

Planet Hollywood rakes 10% up to $5 for all cash games. At $10, a $1 jackpot drop is taken. The jackpot funds the high hand bonus promotions that are run in the poker room. If a player makes four of a kind using a pocket pair, the player will win $50. A straight flush will win $250. A royal flush will win a progressive jackpot. Each suit will have its own progressive jackpot that starts at $1000.

The Room Itself

The poker room is less of a room, and more of a centerpiece to the rear of the casino. Planet Hollywood offers several amenities to players. Tableside food service is available. Massages are also available. All tables have automatic shufflers. The bathrooms and sports book are within a reasonable distance. There are also TVs located around the exterior of the room. Drink service is excellent, and players can order many high end drinks.

The smoke in the Planet Hollywood Poker Room will be especially troublesome for those sensitive to smoke. There are no barriers for the smoke as there are no walls to the poker room. The casino floor is loud at night, and it is common for people to smoke along the poker room’s rail.

Poker Comps

Planet Hollywood offers their poker players $1 an hour in comps when they are clocked in with the Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards card . Comps may be used for food, entertainment, massages and hotel. Planet Hollywood does not offer players a poker rate.

planet hollywood poker room

Planet Hollywood Poker Tournaments

Planet Hollywood offers three daily tournaments. At 10am, there is a $35+$15 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament with 15 minute levels. At 2pm and 7pm, a $50+$20 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament is offered with 20 minute levels. Players may reenter during the first two levels. All Planet Hollywood tournaments start with 6000 chips.


Planet Hollywood uses the Genesis Bravo System. This means that all waitlists and comps are controlled by the system. Players can also use the Bravo Poker app from their phone to see all available games at Planet Hollywood. Players may call the poker room to get on waitlists.