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Imperial Palace Las VegasImperial Palace has an 8 table poker room although the poker room is more like a poker area given the fact that there is no type of enclosure. This makes the poker room undesirable for some as it is smoky and loud. The main game at Imperial Palace is 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em with a $60-$300 buyin. There are also some lower limit Texas Hold’em games offered at 2/4 and 3/6 fixed limit.

Imperial Palace will go under a major renovation and rebranding late in 2018 or early 2018 as a part of the Linq Project. The area where the poker room is currently located will not be a part of the new casino building. It is unknown whether a poker room will be included in the new casino that has yet to be named.

Imperial Palace’s poker room is quite low end. While it uses the Bravo systems, and has automatic shufflers, the poker room has fallen into disrepair. The poker tables and felts are worn and torn and the chairs are of low quality, something you might expect to find in only the lowest end poker rooms. Cocktail service is excellent, as is the case with most Caesar’s Entertainment properties. The bathrooms are nowhere near the poker room either meaning you’re in store for a decent walk in order to take a bathroom break. The sports book is on a completely different floor from the poker room meaning placing a few bets while playing poker is extremely hard and inconvenient, something of a nuisance for the sports betting enthusiasts among us.

Players that are bothered by loud or smoky poker rooms should avoid the Imperial Palace Poker Room. With no walls between it and the main casino floor, or neighboring bar, the poker room is as loud as the casino floor is. Players that wish to smoke do not have to walk far. It can be a bother to those that are sensitive to cigarette smoke.

Do Imperial Palace Offer Poker Complimentaries?

Imperial Palace poker players receive $1 an hour in comps to players that clock in using their Total Rewards card. Comps can be used for food or hotel bills. While Imperial Palace does not have a hotel poker rate, the rooms are the least expensive on the Las Vegas Strip. Players that give the casino floor any type of action will be offered discounted or free hotel rooms at Imperial Palace.

Is Holdem the Only Game Spread?

Every Sunday, the Imperial Palace Poker Room offers a 3/6 mixed game. The game starts at 7pm. The mix includes Razz, Omaha High/Low, Double Flop Omaha, Double Flop Crazy Pineapple, Seven Card Stud High/Low, Badugi, Baduci, 3-2-1 Omaha, 4 Card Ocean Crazy Pineapple, Five card Draw High/Low and 2-7 Triple Draw.

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Imperial Palace Poker Tournaments

Imperial Palace offers three daily tournaments, with an additional tournament on weekend mornings. The daily tournaments start at 12pm, 3pm and 8pm. The buyin is $24+$16. Players start with a 3000 chip stack. Levels go up every 15 minutes. Players may rebuy for $10 once during the first hour and receive 1500 additional chips. At the end of the first hour, players may addon for $10, and receive 2000 more tournament chips.

At 9am on Saturday and Sunday, Imperial Palace offers a $14+$11 tournament. Players start with 2000 chips. During the first hours, there are unlimited $10 rebuys for 1000 chips. After the first hour, players may addon for $10 and receive 1500 additional chips.

What About Waiting for a game?

Players may call in to get on waitlists at Imperial Palace. Imperial Palace also uses the Genesis Bravo System. They share that information on the Bravo Poker app. The poker room is not on Facebook or Twitter.

How Much is the Rake and is There Any Jackpot Drop?

Cash games are raked at 10% up to $5. A $1 jackpot drop is taken at $10. The jackpot drop goes towards Aces Cracked and Kings Cracked promotions. Players that have aces cracked win $100. The promotion starts at 9am, and runs until seven pocket aces are cracked, or 5pm comes. Kings cracked starts at 11am, and runs until 7 are hit, or 5pm comes. There is also a high hand lottery.

How Do I Get There?

The Imperial Palace Poker Room is located just inside the main doors. When players come in from valet or Las Vegas Blvd, the poker room is the first area on the right.