Harrahs Poker Room Review

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harrahs vegasHarrah’s Poker Room is located in what was once the race book area. During the poker boom, Harrah’s downsized their sports and race book to make room for this 12 table room. The poker room is entirely enclosed, making it ideal for those who prefer not to be bothered by typical casino annoyances such as slot machine noise and cigarette smoke. The main game at Harrah’s is 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em. The buyin range is $60-$300. Harrah’s will also spread 2/5 No Limit, and fixed limit games upon request, when there is interest.

Harrah’s poker room is nothing special, but it certainly is not low end. Players should be happy with comfort and table quality in the poker room. As is standard for higher end Vegas properties, all tables in Harrahs have automatic shufflers.

For those interested in sports, televisions line every wall in the room. Players may also receive a massage, and order tableside food. The sports book is right next door through one poker room door and the restrooms are just outside of the other poker room exit.

Like all Caesar’s Entertainment properties in Las Vegas, Harrah’s pays $1 an hour to players that are clocked in using their Total Rewards card. The $1 an hour can be used for food, hotel, gift shop, massages, and tobacco. Harrah’s does not offer poker players a discounted room rate.

Smoke and Noise Level in the Poker Room

Harrah’s Poker Room is as smoke free as it gets in Las Vegas. The poker room is completely walled in. Smokers must go outside the poker room to smoke. The walls also cut down on casino noise so annoying slot machines and loud passersby do not disturb poker players.

Non Hold’em Games Offered

Harrah’s does not spread any games besides Texas Hold’em. While there is the occasional fixed limit game, most games are no limit.

Harrah’s Poker Tournaments

Harrah’s offers 5 daily No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments. At 1am and 8am, there is a $17+$8 tournament. Players start with 2500 chips and levels go up every 15 minutes. At 10am and 3pm, there is a $43+$17 tournament. Players start with 6000 chips and limits go up every 20 minutes. At 8pm every day, there is a $60+$20. Of that, $40 goes to the prize pool, and $20 becomes a bounty. When one player knocks another player out of the tournament, they will win that player’s $20 bounty. Players start the bounty tournament with 8000 chips.

harrahs poker room vegas


Harrah’s uses the Genesis Bravo System. They also include this information in the Bravo Poker app. Players may call in to get on the waitlist. Harrah’s Poker Room does not use Twitter or Facebook.

Poker Room Location

Harrah’s Poker Room is located on the south wall of the building. When arriving from Las Vegas Blvd, walk past the sports book and the poker room is on the right. If arriving from the south, there is a hidden door behind the outdoor club between Imperial Palace and Harrah’s that leads directly to one of the poker room entrances. The path can be hard to find though, especially at night. If arriving by taxi or car, walk past the front desk and onto the casino floor. The poker room is on the left.