Flamingo Poker Room Review

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flamingo hotel vegasAs management of the Flamingo love to point out when asked about their poker room, the Flamingo has the oldest poker room in Las Vegas. Flamingo was one of the first Las Vegas Strip casinos. It has changed ownership many times, and is now owned by Caesars Entertainment. This 11 table poker room is located on the south wall of the property. The main games offered at Flamingo are 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold’em with a $100-$300 buyin range, as well as 2/4 and 3/6 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em.

The Flamingo Poker Room is located on the south end of the property. When arriving from the Las Vegas Strip, enter from the door closest to Bill’s Gambling Hall. The poker room will be on the right just past the deli. If arriving from the valet or taxi drop off area, enter the main door and go to the left. The poker room will be on the left just past the hotel front desk. If arriving by the Las Vegas Monorail, walk through the retail area, past the front desk, and the poker room will be on the left.

Even though the property is old, the Flamingo Poker Room is in great shape considering the age of the building. While the carpeting is the standard old school casino carpet, the walls, tables, and chairs are worn a bit, but in better than average repair overall. There are several TVs around the poker room, including a big screen in the adjoining bar area. All tables have an automatic shuffler in them. Players can receive a massage at the table. The only problem with the Flamingo Poker Room is the distance to the restrooms and sports book. The sports book is in the back of the casino, and the bathrooms are along the way.

Noisier and Smokier than Average

Some tables along the rail have smoke and noise issues. There is a slot bank along the north rail of the poker room, and a bar on the west side, which contribute to noise and smoke problems.

Don’t Forget to Clock In

Players receive $1 an hour while playing in the Flamingo Poker Room if they clock in using their Total Rewards card. Comps may be used for food, hotel, or gift shop purchases. There is no poker room hotel rate for Flamingo.

Not the Poker Room for Holdem Alternatives

Flamingo only spreads Texas Hold’em, in both limit and no limit form.

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Poker Tournaments at Flamingo

Flamingo offers five No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments each day. All tournaments start with 3000 chips and have 20 minute levels. At 10am, 6pm, and 9pm, there is a $50+$20 tournament. At 2pm, there is a $55+$25 tournament, where $20 of the buyin becomes a bounty. When one player knocks another out of the tournament, the player wins $20. At 12:30am, there is a $40+$20 tournament, which ties for the highest juiced tournament in Las Vegas.


As with all Caesars’ properties, Flamingo uses the Genesis Bravo System. They also share their games and waitlist data with the Bravo Poker phone app. Players may call in to get on waitlists.

Rake and Jackpot Drop

All Caesars Entertainment poker rooms tie for having the highest rake in Las Vegas. Flamingo rakes 10% up to $5. There is also a $1 jackpot drop taken at $10. The jackpot drop covers several promotions. These include a $2500 Bad Beat Jackpot. A hand that loses four of a kind using a pocket pair, or a straight flush using both hole cards, will win $1000. The hand that beats them will win $500. The rest of the players dealt in the hand will split $500. There is also an Aces Cracked promotion every day between 8am and 2pm. If a player loses pocket aces, and there is $20 in the pot, the player wins $100.

There are two weekly freerolls. By playing 10 hours during the week, or 8 hours over a weekend, players will qualify for a $2000 or $2500 freeroll. The winner of the $2000 freeroll wins a $1000 World Series of Poker seat and $100. The winner of the $2500 freeroll wins a $1500 World Series of Poker seat and $100. The other top 9 players each receive $100 in each freeroll.