Caesars Palace

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caesars palace las vegasCaesars Palace is one of the largest poker rooms in Las Vegas. The problem is that it has never really taken off. The poker room is down a hallway, set away from the rest of the casino. This creates less foot traffic than most other poker rooms due to the lack of visibility. The 25 table poker room offers two main games. Those games are 1/3 and 2/5 No Limit Texas Hold’em. There is a small limit game from time to time as well.

In Caesars Palace poker room players are set back in a private room that is completely separate from the rest of the casino. This creates a private, more intimate poker setting. The poker room is in top shape, with quality chairs, tables and chairs. Each table has an automatic shuffler. There are many TVs on the walls, although some seats are not within a good view of them. Players may receive a massage while playing. They may also order off of a tableside menu. The sports book is just outside of the poker room, as well as the restrooms.

Because the poker room is completely separate from the casino floor it makes the poker room very quiet and noise free. The area just outside of the poker room is smoky and loud. That is because Pure Nightclub and a large sports book are located just outside of the poker room hallway. However the playing environment is one of the most chilled in Vegas.

Players who play poker at Caesars in Vegas receive $1 an hour in comps on their Total Rewards card. Comps may be used for food, hotel, or other services. However, there is no poker rate offered for the Caesar’s Palace hotel.

Caesars Palace Poker Tournaments

Caesars Entertainment offers three daily tournaments. All tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’em. The 9am tournament is a $50+$20. Players start with 3000 chips and levels last 15 minutes. The 7pm daily tournament is $80+$30. Players start with 10,000 chips, and the levels last 20 minutes. The 10pm tournament is $60+$25. Players start with 7500 chips, and levels last 20 minutes. The World Series of Poker Circuit also stops at Caesars Palace. There are also several other special events held throughout the year.

Caesars Palace Poker Room

Non Hold’em Games Offered

Caesars Palace will spread a 1/3 or 2/5 Pot Limit Omaha game from time to time. After certain special tournaments, other non hold’em games may break out. Caesars Palace Poker Room will spread any game that is brought to them, as long as there are enough players to fill it up.


Caesars Palace provides a feed to the Bravo Poker app so that players can see all available games and lists on their mobile phones or iPads. Players may also call in to to the poker room to get on waitlists. The poker room also posts news on Twitter through their account @CLVPoker.

Rake and Jackpot Drops at Caesars

Like all Caesars Entertainment properties, the rake is 10% up to $5. There is also a $1 jackpot drop taken when the pot reaches $10. The jackpot pays out when a player makes four of a kind, a straight flush, or a royal flush. Players must use both hole cards, and four of a kind must be a pocket pair. Four of a kind pays $100, a straight flush pays $200, and a royal flush pays $500.

How to Find Caesars Poker Room

Getting to the poker room will require a lot of walking, regardless of where you enter. Players that self park will have to take the elevators to the casino floor. After that, make two rights. When you get to the main casino floor, follow the far left wall past all of the table games. After following that wall for several hundred feet, the sports book will appear. The poker room is right behind it. Players entering from valet, the street, or taxi drop off, will need to make a right and walk across the casino floor straight back. The poker room will be on the right just past the Pure Nightclub.