Bills Gambling Hall

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bills gambling hallBill’s Gambling Hall was once known as Barberry Coast. The name was changed when Harrah’s Entertainment, now known as Caesar’s Entertainment, purchased the property from Boyd Gaming. The property was to have become a part of a plan to expand Flamingo next door. The financial crisis in Las Vegas shelved those plans, likely forever.

Bill’s Gambling hall offers only one cash game in its 5 table poker room. That game is the smallest cash game in Las Vegas, a $.50/$1 No Limit Texas Hold’em. The buyin for this game is $20-$200. This is the perfect poker game for beginning poker players.

Bill’s Gambling Hall rakes 10% up to $5. They also take $1 at $10 for the jackpot drop. Players will win $50 on a four of a kind when using a pocket pair, $200 on a straight flush when using both hole cards, and $500 on a royal flush when using both cards. Between 10am and 2pm daily, Bill’s offers an aces cracked promotion. If you lose with pocket aces at showdown, you will win $100. This promotion can only be hit up to four times per day. When pocket aces have lost four times during the promotional period, it is over for the day.

Poker players receive $1 an hour in comps at Bill’s. These comps can be used for food and hotel. There is no poker room rate for the hotel.

Players may call in to get on the poker waitlist. Bill’s Poker Room is too small for the Genesis Bravo Poker system. They also do not participate in social media. This means that you must call or drop by to see game availability.

Quality of the Poker Room

Bill’s Poker Room is nothing special. It is not even really a room, it is more of a roped off area by the sports book. There are televisions provided by the sports book area. Bathrooms are also relatively close. As with most Caesar’s properties, the drink service is high quality as well. The tables and chairs are of very low quality, which is expected considering this is the lowest limit game in town. Automatic shufflers are present at all tables within the poker room at Bill’s Gambling Hall. The smoke and noise level is high. This is due to the fact that there are no barriers between the poker room and the casino floor, sports book, or bar.

Bill’s Poker Tournaments

Bill’s Poker Room offers five tournaments a day. The tournament times are 11:30am, 2:30pm, 5:30pm, 8:30pm, and 11:30pm. While tournament registration starts two hours before the start time, the poker room does not have a manager until 11am. This means players cannot sign up for the 11:30am tournament until then. The buyin for the tournament is $20+$10, which makes it the highest juiced tournament in Las Vegas by percentage of prize pool. Players receive 3000 tournament chips. Tournament levels last 15 minutes. Compared to other poker rooms in Vegas, the structures and whopping 50% juice mean that the tournaments are pretty poor value and turn into crapshoots pretty quickly. While the playing standard is far lower than other casinos, I’d recommend playing tournies in a different place.


Bill’s Gambling Hall is small. It is not hard to find the poker room. When coming in from the Las Vegas Strip, walk straight back and the poker room is on the left. If coming in from Flamingo Road, walk around the table games and the poker room is right there.