Bellagio Poker Room Review

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bellagio hotelThe Bellagio’s Poker Room opened in 1998, and is home to 30 poker tables. The Bellagio Poker Room spreads more types of games than any other Poker Room in Las Vegas. Players wishing to play low, middle, or high limits will always find what they are looking to play.

The lowest limit games start at 1/2 no limit and 4/8 fixed limit Texas Hold’em. No limit games run as high as 10/20 on a regular basis, but games as high as 50/100 NL are spread upon request.

The Bellagio Poker Room rakes most cash games 10% up to $4. No Limit Hold’em games of 5/10 and higher are subject to a time charge instead of rake. The time charge is $6/hour for 5/10, and $8/hr for games higher than 5/10.

Bobby’s Room

Booby’s Room is named after Bobby Baldwin. Bobby Baldwin has been very influential about the importance of poker in Las Vegas. When Mirage was built in Las Vegas, what was the best poker room in Las Vegas at the time was built. Bobby Baldwin would later become CEO of MGM Mirage after Mirage was acquired by MGM. It was at that point Baldwin built what is now known as “Bobby’s Room” at Bellagio, to give high limit players a more private setting for their high limit games. Bobby Baldwin is now CEO of CityCenter. He now plays in the high limit area of Aria, the anchor casino for the development. Players that wish to play in Bobby’s Room are required to post a minimum $20,000 buyin to play at one of the two tables offered in the room.

Bellagio Poker Tournaments

Bellagio offers poker tournaments at 2pm daily. All daily tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’em. The buyin is $100+$25 Monday through Thursday with 25 minute levels. Friday and Saturday tournaments are $500+$45 with 40 minute levels. The Sunday tournament is $300+$35 with 35 minute levels. All tournaments have a 10,000 chip starting stack. Players may reenter the tournament during the first two hours.

The Bellagio Poker Room is also home to the World Poker Tour in Las Vegas. Many different games are spread during World Poker Tour events. The most popular game is No Limit Texas Hold’em, with buyins ranging from $300-$25,000.

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Players may not call in to get on a list. The Bellagio Poker Room also does not participate in the Bravo Poker app. This means that players must be present in the Poker Room to see the waitlists. Players that follow the Bellagio Poker Room on Facebook and Twitter may see the available games. The Bellagio Poker Room’s Facebook account is Bellagio Poker Room. The twitter account is @BellagioPoker.

Non Hold’em Games Offered

Bellagio will spread any game when there is enough interest. Typical non hold’em games include 20/40 Seven Card Stud and a variety of higher limit mixed games.


In addition to receiving free drinks, players earn $1 an hour while playing with their M Life card. Players can use their Poker Room comps for food or hotel. Players that average six hours a day may receive the Poker Room rate for their hotel. Most days, that rate is $99 for weekdays and $159 for weekends.

Full to the Brim With Top Class Amenities

The Bellagio Poker Room is a super-comfortable place to play poker. Players are seated in high quality chairs, and the tables are of the highest quality. When felts start to become worn, or chairs break, they are quickly replaced. All tables have an automatic shuffler. The Poker Room has several TVs so that all players have a view of their favorite sporting event. Players that wish to bet on sports are only steps away from the sports book. The restrooms are also located within the neighboring sports book. Players may receive a massage at the table. Food is also served tableside. Cocktail service is offered, and higher end drinks are comped.

Smoke and Noise Level

The smoke level in the Bellagio Poker Room is average. There is a large bar and lounge area just outside of the Poker Room which allows smoking, and can be annoying to sensitive players seated around the rail. The noise level can be high during major sporting events as the Poker Room is adjacent to the sports book, and does not have a full wall.


The best way to get to the Bellagio Poker room is to enter from the north valet off of Flamingo Rd. Once inside, go to the right, and follow the walkway. The walkway will dead end into the Bellagio Poker Room. If coming from the outside walkways from Caesar’s Palace or Bally’s, the hallway will open up into the casino, and the walkway will take you directly to the poker room. From the parking deck, make a right until you reach the front desk. Then follow the main casino floor walkway to the left at the craps table. The poker room will be within sight straight ahead.

There is also a tram that connects Aria and Monte Carlo with Bellagio. The station is behind the parking deck elevators. Make a left like you would from the parking deck, then follow the casino floor main walkway to the left of the craps pit. From the main entrance, make a right onto the casino floor, and follow the walkway to the left of the craps pit, where the poker room will be straight ahead.