Aria Poker Room Review

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aria casino las vegasAria has become an exclusive casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Aria anchors the CityCenter project in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip and is owned by MGM Resorts. The poker room has become one of the most exclusive places to play in the whole of Vegas. With 24 tables, the Aria poker room offers a variety of games. The main games are 1/3 ($100-$300) and 2/5 ($200-$1000) No Limit Texas Hold’em. Other popular games include 5/10 No Limit Hold’em ($500-$3000) and 1/3 ($100-$300) Pot Limit Omaha. Mixed games are also popular. The limits for the mixed game are usually 4/8, 9/18, 12/24, 15/30 or 30/60.

Aria is a high class poker room and pretty much anything a player wants, they can get (within reason of course). Food can be delivered to the table 24 hours a day. Players can receive a massage at the table. There are TVs all over the poker room. Each table has an automatic shuffler. The felts and chairs are in top condition. Chairs are adjustable in ways that most high end office chairs would be. Bathrooms are just outside of the poker room, and the sports book is just a short walk away.

Much of the poker room is walled in due to exterior walls or corridors. There is one wall that borders the casino floor that is not walled in. Due to how large the poker room is, there is a large congregation of smokers just outside of the poker room. This can make some of the rail seats uncomfortable. Higher limit games are completely walled in.

Poker Freebies and Comps

Aria’s poker room pays players $2 an hour, except between 5am and 10am, where players receive $3 an hour in comps. Comps may be used for almost anything. Food, massages, hotel, gift shop, you name it and you can get a comp written for it. Players that average 5 hours of play in a day may also request a poker room rate for the hotel. That is typically $99 weekdays and $139 weekends.

Non Hold’em Games Offered

Aria will spread any game that is brought to them. Mixed games sometimes run as low as 4/8, although 9/18-15/30 is the typical range. The 300/600 mixed game recently moved to Bellagio. Pot Limit Omaha is also common at 1/3, and sometimes runs at 2/5.

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Aria Poker Tournaments

Aria offers two daily tournaments. There is a $97+$28 No Limit Hold’em tournament held at 1pm and 7pm. On some extremely busy days, the 7pm tournament will be canceled due to the lack of space, but it does run most days of the year. Players may reenter if they are knocked out in the first two hours. Players start with 10,000 in chips, and levels run for 30 minutes.


While the Aria Poker Room uses the Genesis Bravo System, they do not share information with the Bravo Poker App. The Aria Poker Room updates their Twitter account many times a day with the available games. You can follow them @ARIAPoker. Players may call in to get on a waitlist.

Rake and Jackpot Drop

Aria does not have a jackpot drop. Rake in limit games, as well as 1/2 and 2/5 pot and no limit games is 10% up to $4. The time charge for 5/10 no limit is $6 per 30 minutes. All games higher than 5/10 charge $8 every 30 minutes.

Finding the Poker Room

The Aria Poker room is conveniently located near the front of the casino. Players arriving by taxi will walk in the front door and go to the left. The poker room is on the left. Players that arrive by car will go down the escalator and go to the left, where the poker room will be on the left. Players that arrive by the tram that runs between Bellagio, Aria, and Monte Carlo, should take the tram to Monte Carlo. When leaving the tram station, go to the left. Go down the escalators, go to the left, and the poker room will be on the left.