Canadian Poker Sites

Until recently, there was little in the way of regulation in the Canadian online poker market. However, several provinces have either recently opened regulated sites or have expressed interest in doing so. Regardless of where in Canada you reside, however, you’ll have no problem playing online poker.

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Legality of Online Poker in Canada

Online poker is widely played in Canada, and at least from the player’s end, appears to be entirely legal. However, provincial governments have taken different approaches on how much support to give to the online gambling industry. Quebec and British Columbia hav led the way in providing government-sponsored and regulated online gambling options for their players, with other provinces considering doing the same.

On the other end of the spectrum, Prince Edward Island has stated that they do not wish to provide their citizens with a regulated gambling network. Other provinces that have moved in this direction include Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Issues with Depositing to Play Poker in Canada

Issues with making deposits into online poker accounts from Canada are minimal. Because online poker has not been targeted by the government, there are few restrictions on how players may fund their accounts, meaning that most online poker sites provide a wide selection of methods for depositing and withdrawing money.

Current Deposit Methods Available to Canadians

Canadians can typically choose from a number of deposit methods when looking to fund their online poker accounts. Credit and debit cards can often be used and many of the most popular online e-wallets service Canadian players, including Moneybookers and ClickandBuy. Canadians also typically have prepaid options, bank wires, and checks or e-checks listed as available options on most poker sites.

Taxes on Online Poker Winnings

As in many countries, Canada has a two-tier system when it comes to taxing gambling winnings. If you are a casual player who wins money while gambling, this money is not considered taxable income in Canada. However, professional gamblers – defined loosely as those who use “skill and investment” to win – are expected to claim their winnings as taxable income.

Future Outlook for Online Poker in Canada

Canadians can expect to have legal online poker in their country for the foreseeable future. The only movement is likely to come at the provincial level, where governments may continue to offer regulated poker sites to their citizens as an alternative to offshore sites. However, even in provinces that have not shown interest in providing these services, there has been little or no movement to criminalize only poker for local players.