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Rob O’Connor has been involved with online poker since 2007 as a semi-professional no limit holdem player and later as a writer and webmaster. He begain playing online cash games in 2008 where he moved up to the $2/$4 cash game level before giving up no limit holdem to learn mixed games. After taking up mixed games, he was a regular at the PokerStars mid stakes 8-game tables for more than a year. Since then Rob has shifted his focus to his other passion – writing. He now works as a freelance writer in the poker industry, with published articles on many leading poker websites.

Outside of being a poker enthusiast, Rob holds an MSc and PhD in scientific fields, both of which have helped in further developing his talents as a poker writer. You can find out more about him at

As well as being an active member of various online poker communities, Rob still plays poker regularly in order to keep up with current trends in the game and emerging strategies.

If you use social media at all, then you can pay Rob a visit on his Google+ profile page.