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TexasHoldemOnline.com was established to introduce players to playing Texas Hold’em poker on the internet. Some of our visitors are brand new to the game, while others have never played on the internet. Still, other visitors to this poker site have played on the internet, but are seeking to improve their understanding of the game of through the use of our online texas hold’em poker guide.

Regardless of one’s skill level, whether new or experienced in online poker play, Texas Holdem Online can help take your game to the next level. Our site provides unbiased and thorough poker site reviews, detailing some of the best places to play poker on the internet and strategy designed to speak to new players and saavy vets alike.

Who Writes the Articles on TexasHoldemOnline.com?

With hundreds of articles contributed by dozens of writers, the content at TexasHoldemOnline.com is as diverse as it is informative.  While much of our content is submitted by readers and members, our core content staff consists of three individuals:

  • Peter Edmundson:  With accounts at every online poker room the world has ever known (or most, anyhow), Peter is our resident editor for poker site reviews, ensuring that the information contained in our detailed breakdowns of online poker sites is both current and correct.  You can thank him for the dozens and dozens of specific details contained in our poker room reviews that other sites simply don’t offer.
  • Sanjay Kahn:  Our go-to author when it comes to anything having to do with the latest poker technology, including tips and tricks for playing poker on mobile devices, tablets and devices where you’re unable to download software.  If you’ve got a question about how to play poker on any sort of device, Sanjay probably has your answer.
  • Jacob Perez:  A long-time grinder who has successfully navigated the waters of live and online cash games, Jacob is largely responsible for the Texas Hold’em strategy content on TexasHoldemOnline.com.  While our strategy content is focused on newer players, there is something in Jacob’s work for players at any skill level.

Does TexasHoldemOnline.com Offer Poker Games?

No.  The purpose of TexasHoldemOnline.com is to offer an informational service that seeks to assist players in making the best choice they can among the online poker sites competing for their business.  We do not directly offer any games, poker or otherwise, on TexasHoldemOnline.com.  To play real-money poker, you’ll have to visit any of the dozens of the sites we review.

Get started by reading some of our most popular articles like playing Texas Hold’em on a Mac, the biggest poker sites where you can play Texas Hold’em or our extensive strategy articles for beginning Texas Hold’em player – all exclusive to TexasHoldemOnline.com.

Where Can I Get Information About Responsible Gambling?

While poker is different from other forms of gambling, that (unfortunately) does not guarantee poker players (live or online) immunity against problem gambling.  At TexasHoldemOnline.com, we offer some basic information about making responsible gambling choices, and believe that poker players and poker rooms should confront the issue of problem gambling in an open and honest fashion.  However, we strongly suggest that players acquire more detailed and comprehensive information from expert sites if they are interested in learning more about the issue.

There are two excellent starting points for such research.  If you’re interested in learning about tools, such as stop-loss limits and self-exclusion, that can help to promote responsible decisions regarding gambling, then you should start with the poker room itself.  Most reputable rooms offer these tools and more, and all players should be informed regarding the options they have immediately available if they feel prone to poor decision-making while at the tables.

Your starting point for more fundamental information should be an objective source such as government-backed research or global organizations similar to Gambler’s Anonymous or Gam-Anon.  While you may feel that there is some stigma attached to visiting such sites, they remain the best source for valid, quality information regarding the critical issue of responsible gambling.

Online Texas Holdem History

Online Texas Hold em poker has been around for a relatively short period of time. With the rise of the internet in the 1990’s, online poker made its first appearance. The online poker of the 1990’s, however, was in a drastically different format than we are familiar with in today’s poker sites and it, like almost all things, has evolved over time. There have been a number of factors that have increased the popularity of online poker and brought it to where we are today.

In the mid to late 1990’s, people were playing online poker in Internet Relay Chat rooms (IRC). Many people these days do not even know what IRC chat rooms are but in the 1990’s, IRC was the best way to communicate with other people over the internet. Some of us hardcore techies still use IRC chat rooms. This was an extremely primitive form of poker and was text only and required command line instructions for players.

The very first poker site offering real money Texas Holdem poker games was opened in 1998 called Planet Poker. This was the very first iteration of an online poker site that is similar to the ones that we know and love today. The number of poker players playing in these days was extremely low both due to the limited popularity of poker at the time and the fact that fewer people were connected to the internet or had connections that were viable for play. Over the next few years, many other poker sites popped up and many of the major poker rooms that still exist today grew out of this early stage of real money online poker. Additionally, poker rooms began offering bonuses to entice new players to deposit and play poker on line.

In the early 2000’s, the popularity of online poker was growing with many people getting involved thanks to the internet’s growth and expansion around the world. One of the more popular poker tournament formats at that time, and still a popular format today, was the satellite tournament, which allows players to compete for seats in bigger events like WSOP events including the main event.

In 2003, Chris Moneymaker won a satellite event and got entry into the World Series of Poker. As anyone who has played poker for any amount of time, Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP main event and catapulted online poker into massive popularity. Millions of people around the world started to flock to online poker sites because even nobodies could play online and have a chance at winning millions of dollars playing poker. At the WSOP main event in 2004, more than three times as many people were playing as in the year before.

Despite its young age, online poker has a vibrant past and an even brighter future. With millions of people playing poker online and tens of thousands joining the ranks every single day, it will be around for quite a while. It will be extremely interesting to see where online poker is headed in the future and what sort of changes awaits us.